Dutungan Panro Barru Island

Dutungan Island is located in Palanro, Mallusetasi sub-district, Barru regency and settled in the border between Barru regency and Pare-pare regency. This is a small island with fine white sandy beach.

When you visit to Dutungan Island, some said that this place is quite haunted, because many believe that this was inhabited by ghosts. Urban legend said! The beauty is still the red line to be notice.

To enjoy the beauty of white sandy beach at Dutungan Island, we can reach from Makassar and it takes 4,5 hour, for about 130 Km. And if you are from Barru, it takes 1,5 hour drive. The nearest route is coming from Pare-pare, which just take 30 minutes to reach Tanjung Indah, a port that bring us to Dutungan island, and it takes another 30 minutes. It costs Rp. 50.000/person to rent a boat to Dutungan Island.

After reaching Dutungan Island, we can see the prairie of tatch and the refreshing of green teak forest. The edge of the beach is also stunning and we can play catching the waves or just sitting and enjoying the nuance. There are mangroves around the beach that also make more interesting view from this place. For those who love to fishing, you can bring your own fishing rod and get your lucky here. To explore Dutungan Island is better stay for a night; Dutungan Island is now facilitated by some homestays and food stall with affordable prices.

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