Tempe Lake, Sengkang

Sengkang is the capital of a former Bugis kingdom, this historic and bustling market town overlooking Lake Tempe retains its traditional character, as well as many old cultural traditions, silk weaving, colorful Bugis weddings-celebration, Ancient customs based, dance, and a traditional orchestra.

Lake Tempe is a shallow lake fringed by wetlands with traditional floating houses and a large population of wonderful bird life. Lake Tempe is the place for ornithologists. You can go by long tail boat on the huge lake and you will visit a traditional floating house and enjoying drinking tea or coffee and eating fried banana (Pisang Goreng) with the locals. A village that is really unique, around 30 houses inhabited by traditional fishermen in the middle of the vast Tempe Lake. There are the fishermen live by doing daily fishing, drying some river fishes and other activities.

This place can be reached by a traditional boat for about one hours from the harbor of Tempe. Along the trip you might be seeing some various types of birds of the lake, flying in a row or settling on the grass or flowers that live floating houses in the middle of the lake.

The lakeside resort of Sengkang between Bone and Pare-pare has only recently been discovered by foreign tourist. Scenic Danau Tempe, a large shallow lake fringed by wetlands, is the main attraction and is best admired on a boat trip. Geologist believes the lake was once a gulf between southern Toraja and the rest of South Sulawesi. As they merged, the gulf disappeared and it is thought the lake will eventually disappear too.

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