Bara Beach

Bara beach is located in Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba regency, South Sulawesi. This beach is quite hidden in Bulukumba, and there are not many people recognize this place. Somehow, this place is perfect for those who need tranquility and peacefull place to go to.

Visiting Bara beach is about enjoying the flattering green of coconut trees along the edge of the beach. These trees are characterize the nuance of tropical land, with slope of 45 degrees, the trees are can be used to hang the swinger that been mounted by the visitors.

To reach this beach we can pass through the edge of the beach when the tide is receding. Other option is can be done by choosing the narrow path with rocky steps along the little forest around the place. We can start to visit this place at early in the morning, and then you will have enough time exploring before the dawn arise. This is also the thing that must be aware, in order to avoid wild animal that can be showing up during the night. After arriving at the location, we need to walk down the hill from the parking lot, and down some huge rocks to reach the beach.

The parking lot is quite wide and it can accommodate numbers of vehicles. There are not many inns or homestays in this area; we have to book the rooms in some days before to get some days to stay at this beach. Alternatively, you can stay around Tanjung Bira that near to Bara Beach.

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