Bori Kalimbuang

Bori Kalimbuang is located in Sesean Village, North Toraja. Here you will enjoy a collection of menhir that standing neatly and charming to be seen. Although the distance is not too far from the center of North Toraja capital, the place is somewhat not too crowd to be visited by tourists.

This site is located about 5 km from the city of Rantepao, and it located on Jl. Bori, District Sesean in North Toraja. To get to this megalith site, the road that can be taken is quite a lot, with terrain that is not too good, but after reaching the site you will just be enchanted. This place is one of the cultural relics that should be maintained well.

Bori Kalimbuang is the place of ancient Menhir. There are around 102 menhirs those magnificently standing firms. All these different sizes of composition and placement looks very beautiful and lovely. There are 24 stones in large size, 24 medium size and other 54 is small-sized.

Each menhirs at this place is have the same value even though they have different sizes. The differences from the each menhir are happen because of the circumstances at the time of creation or the retrieval stone building. The existence of this proseso Megalith or Simbuang stone was only held when there are community leaders who died and the ceremony was held in the level of Rapasan Sapurandanan (the buffalo that are slaughtered for at least 24 male).

This megalith site is one of the nine sites that been clasified as tourism object from UNESCO world cultural heritage in North Toraja. The construction of Tongkonan Rante Kalimbuang was done by five major components: Tongkonan Tokeran Gandang, Tongkonan Lumika, Tongkonan Lolok Batu, Tongkonan Ne 'Lame and Tongkonan from wood.

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