Kambing Island

Sulawesi is known as a paradise for beautiful beaches and it has beautiful sea floor and an enchanting underwater. Goat Island is located in the district of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. Although the name is Kambing (goat) Island, but there are no goat appears in this island. In fact, this island has a long coastline and beautiful underwater panorama with million charms of stunning natural beauty.

The location is at Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, here you will see how tremendous the nature in Indonesia. Goat Island has very clear waters; the crystal clear water make swimming on the surface just looks like floating. Moreover, you can freely do snorkeling or diving with super clear visibility to see the underwater.

Goat Island is also presents the beauty of the steep cliffs towering, with blue skies and clear water that rumble in movement. And the coolest thing is the coral reefs; you can do snorkeling in the shallow area near the cliff, at this spot, there are many beautiful coral reefs with cute colorful fishes.

Trip to Goat Island will takes 20 minutes from Tanjung Bira beach by using boat, going to Kambing Island will give you precious experience. Goat Island is near to Liukang Island. The island is in the shape of towering cliffs, and different with other beach that has white sand.

The location to do snorkeling is usually near the cliff with a depth that is not too deep. The view below is extraordinary, more colorful, but the current is somehow big and fast, that make us trembling on the surface. The most excitement from this place comes from the view of the coral reefs. It tremendously beautiful. There are tons of blue fishes that swimming around in here and there. The fishes are stay at the coral, and never be bothered by the divers.

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