Not Only Butterflies, These Are 7 Tourist Destinations in Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park is one of the tourist destinations that presents many types of natural objects. The nature tourism steep limestone hill valley with tropical vegetation, waterfalls, and cave; which are the habitat of various fauna species, including butterflies.

This National Park features butterflies as its main attraction. Here, there are at least 20 types of protected butterflies from at least 250 species of butterflies that exist. However, not only butterflies, various types of interesting tourist activities can be done in this national park.

Helena Sky Bridge
The Helena Sky Bridge rides right above the butterfly captivity of Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park. Standing sturdy twin towers as high as about 20 meters, the suspension bridge has 50 meters length stretching over a captive area of 7000 square meters. To reach Helena Sky Bridge, visitors do tracking first. After that, the journey continues by crossing a 50-meter suspension bridge on cliff slope with about 100 meters above sea level.

Leang-Leang Prehistoric Area
This location offers cultural history tours of ancient human civilization. You can explore the footprints of prehistoric human life here. There are paintings of human palms and deer pigs plastered on the walls of the cave as well as various artifacts in this area. This prehistoric area also offers stunning views. Clusters of rock cliffs with distinctive shape soar, forming special panorama of karst walls. The distance is about three kilometers from Bantimurung Tourism Park.

Pattunuang Tourism Area
There are many choices of activities that can be done here, such as rock climbing on the steeply towering karst walls, vertical and horizontal caving of caves, or rocky and clear water walking along the river. You can also camp to enjoy the wild life, explore the trails in the forest, or hike in the karst hills. The Pattunuang area also presents various types of wild plants and animals that roam in their natural habitat. Such as the rare primate Tarsius Fuscus, soa-soa, and dozens of species of birds. In a separate location, there is also the legend of “Biseang Labboro” or an overturned petrified boat on the banks of Pattunuang river. Pattunuang is located in Samangki village, Simbang District, Maros.

Leang Puteh Vertical Cave Area
Still in Labuaja Village, is the location of the most challenging adventurers in Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park. The wide and deep gaping vertical cave will stimulate adventurous adrenaline. With 50-80 meters width and about 273 meters depth, Leang Puteh is the deepest single pitch cave in Indonesia. At the base, this cave is connected to the Dinosaur Cave which is located not far from the mouth of Leang Puteh Cave. To explore this location, it takes special skills and expertise and standard equipment.

Karaenta Animal Watch Area
Karaenta, in Labuaja Village, is known as natural laboratory that offers variety of interesting knowledge and experiences. That’s because the richness of flora and fauna species as well as the uniqueness of its interesting natural scenery is explored. In Karaenta there is the Macaca Maura primate group. With the special expertise of officers, the group of black monkeys can gather and become animal attraction in their natural habitat. There is also Ebony cluster, or ebony, which is rare and valuable type of wood.

Bulusaraung Mountains Tourism Area
This area is located in Tompobulu Village, Balocci District, Pangkep Regency. This tourist village offers a beautiful rural atmosphere, cool air, well-maintained environment, and friendly community culture. In this area, various traditional ceremonies and customs are still often carried out. If you want to be more challenging, continue the journey to the top of Mount Bulusaraung as high as 1,353 meters above sea level. The hiking trail stretches for about two kilometers with nine climbing posts. If you are lucky, along the path you can find weasels, tarsiers, as well as various types of birds and butterflies.

Bantimurung Tourism Area
Bantimurung is widely known as “The Kingdom of Butterfly”, as Alfred Russel Wallace (1857) nicknamed it because of the diversity and abundance of butterflies. In this area there is also a breeding location for the Butterfly Park which is also conservation education for general public. The headwaters of the Bantimurung National Park originate in Kassi Kebo lake, which is surrounded by steep cliffs. Near the lake there is a rock cave that presents stalactites and stalagmite protrusions as well as the beauty of other cave ornaments.


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