Ranca Upas, Camping Place in Bandung

Ranca Upas is one of the tourist destinations in Bandung. Here you can camp while looking at the herd of deer and stunning scenery. Ranca Upas is a tourist spot located in Rancabali District, Bandung Regency, West Java. Ranca Upas is also known as campground, which is a favorite place for nature lovers.

At Ranca Upas you can camp in the meadow on a hill of about 1700 meters above sea level. The view in the morning really amazes like being abroad. Moreover, the cool air makes the atmosphere more serene.

Cai Ranca Upas Village is located in Ciwidey, South Bandung, West Java. Precisely on Jalan Raya Ciwidey Patenggang KM. 11, Alam Endah, Ciwidey, Bandung. The distance is about 50 KM from the city of Bandung. This tourist spot is not far from Kawah Putih and Situ Patenggang.

Ranca Upas has about 215 hectares. Ranca Upas is also one of the protected forest areas in Bandung. Ranca Upas is also used as conservation place of various kinds of rare flora plants such as jamuju, huru, hamirug, kihujan, kitambang and various fauna such as birds and deer.

The average temperature at Ranca Upas is around 17-20 degrees Celsius. The Ranca Upas Campground is under the Indonesian Forest Company or PERHUTANI. This campsite is also used as a place for deer curiosity. So don’t be surprised when you stay here, you can see views of deer playing while eating grass.

Deer breeding is also one of the favorite spots for visitors. Here you can directly interact with the deer without the barrier of the guardrail. You can also buy vegetables that have been provided as deer feed, and rent boots if the soil in captivity is muddy.

Facilities at Ranca Upas apart from camping, there are also outbound and paint ball sports. Outbound games that can stimulate adrenaline such as flying fox, elvis bridge, and rocking bridge. In addition to spending the night in tents, visitors can also try Ranca Upas lodges. There are two lodging places around Ranca Upas Ciwidey, from DRiam Riverside Resort Ciwidey to Hotel 88 Kopo Bandung.


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