3 Most Popular Waterfalls in West Java

Last year, the waterfall or in local language called as ‘curug’, became a very popular tourist destination for tourists. Its presence in remote areas makes tourists more curious and feels challenged to reach it. Local waterfalls are also crowded because at that time Indonesian citizens were hit by boredom due to the Corona virus pandemic which forced them to cancel their vacation plans.

West Java is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and mountains. The area, which is divided into 18 districts and nine cities, also has tourism potential of waterfalls. The following are the three most famous waterfall in West Java Province and can be used as holiday tourist destinations after the Corona virus pandemic has subsided:

Jagapati Waterfall
Curug Jagapati is located in Neglasari Village, Cisompet District, Garut Regency which is about two hours drive from Jalan Raya Garut-Cikajang. To get to the waterfall, tourists only need to walk. Therefore tourists are advised to use comfortable footwear.

Besides spoiled for the view of an exotic waterfall, tourists will also be treated to shady and beautiful trees around the location. Here, tourists can enjoy a natural swimming pool that suitable for refreshing the body after a trip to Curug Jagapati. The clear water can heals your tired days.

Cikondang Waterfall
Curug Cikondang has recently become one of the natural tourist destinations that start to be visited by many tourists. The location is in Sungkadana Village, Cempaka District, Cianjur Regency, about 37 kilometers from the center of Cianjur City. Curug Cikondang has a unique character compared to other waterfalls. Curug Cikondang is not too high but has fairly wide body. In fact, Curug Cikondang is often called as Mini Niagara Falls

The combination of a beautiful waterfall and panoramic view of green nature can refresh the eyes and soothe the soul. It is not surprising that many tourists from various regions make Curug Cikondang a tourist destination, especially on weekends. Besides able to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the top of the waterfall and the natural scenery around it which is green and beautiful, there can also compete adrenaline with canyoing with an experienced guide.

Cikaso Waterfall
Curug Cikaso is a part of the Ciletuh Geopark, an earth park which last year was included in the prestigious UNESCO Global Geopark list. The location of this waterfall is in Cibitung District, Sukabumi Regency. To get to Curug Cikaso, from the destination entrance, tourists can use a boat about one kilometer down a river or can walk while looking at the rice fields and trees.

Curug Cikaso offers the beauty of a clear, bluish green waterfall surrounded by lush trees. Many tourists think of this waterfall like a painting. The water from Curug Cikaso has three beautiful waterfall paths, named Curug Asepan (left), Curug Meong (center) and Curug Aki (right). The three water spills are accommodated by a large pool which is great for swimming or playing in the water. In addition to the water that flows very swiftly, this waterfall also has fresh water.

In the midst of the Corona virus pandemic, travel is still categorized as a non-emergency trip, so it should not be done in order to prevent the spread and transmission of Covid-19, especially in areas where health facilities are still lacking.

If you want to travel between cities or between countries, don’t forget to obey the Corona virus prevention health protocol, by wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance between visitors. Don’t come in sick and come home sick.


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