Malang Sky Garden, Spot Photo Contemporary With Mount Banyak As The Background

Batu City in Malang, East Java, offers variety of tourist destinations, ranging from culture, nature to contemporary photo spots. One of the new modern destinations in the city is Mount Banyak Sky Garden. This photo spot tour is located in Brau sub-village, Gunungsari Village, Bumiaji District, precisely in Mount Banyak area.

This tourist destination offers various photo spot with the background of Mount Banyak. Visitors who come can take selfies and relax while enjoying the cool air. Not only that, they can also eat a meal at the available cafe while enjoy the view of Batu City and Pujon City from the top of Mount Banyak. Meanwhile, the cafe located in the middle of Taman Langit, called as Cangkruk Manuk.

If you want to spend the night, visitors can directly book lodging in the tourist area. Lodging for families can be at the Monitoring Station, if it’s just the two of you with a partner you can order at Lavender Villa.

The name Taman Langit (Sky Garden) was chosen because of its location at the top of a hill and close to the sky. Meanwhile, Gunung Banyak means Mount Goose. This concept from the Sky Garden describes the seven Lights of the Human Chakra (angel). Therefore, this tourist spot is decorated with 2 statues of woman with wings as a depiction of angels. There are also three other statues: Goose Wahana Brama, Garuda Wahana Wisnu, and Lion Wahana Shiva. All three are the picture of God’s manifestation as creator, sustainer and recycler.

Because Sky Park is located in mount Banyak area, the place to buy tickets can be directly at mount Banyak ticket counters. There are four public bathroom facilities that can be used. Two men’s bathrooms and the rest for women.

The route to the Sky Garden can be through Batu City. The journey can be started from the Batu Tourism Town Square. The distance from Batu Town Square to Sky Park is about 8 kilometers or the same as 23 minutes. If you are already at Batu Town Square, you can direct your vehicle to the west on Jalan Gajah Mada towards Jalan Sudiro. Walk straight following the main road and take Jalan Panglima Sudirman. After seeing Hotel Ind on the right side of the road, direct your vehicle to turn right towards Jalan Raya Songgoriti. After that, turn right again to Jalan Arumdalu. Keep on following the road until you meet Warung Pojok on the right side of the road, then turn right onto Jalan Arumdalu. Keep walking, then turn left onto Jalan Rajek Wesi.

If you have found Bakso Idola on the right side of the road, direct the vehicle to turn right and then turn right again. After that, turn left onto Jalan Gunung Banyak. Follow the main road and you will arrive at the Banyak Mountain Sky Park.


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