Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta City, DKI Province

One of the most famous vacation areas in Jakarta City is called Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. No wonder almost all tourists or visitors won’t miss the chance to drop by. The locals call it TMII, actually. Moreover, it has become one of the oldest tourist sites in Jakarta and the popularity is the same as National Monument. In terms of popularity, it is even known among both local and foreign tourists. Those who visit the site usually enjoy a family recreation, educational vacation, and cultural learning. Due to the reason, most of the visitors are local families who come with their kids! They want to introduce Indonesia’s cultures to their children, after all.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, TMII is indeed crowded due to the high number of visitors. What about the facilities, though? Well, as the name suggests, lots of mini buildings and replicas reside in that area. These include cultural, arts, traditional houses, and much more! Visitors may even see various types of religious buildings, theaters, museums, and recreational rides there! The good news is that the site is surrounded by lush trees, so it offers a shady nuance as well. The overall area is about 150 hectares, so everyone should spend much stamina to explore it thoroughly.

Exploring Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
As mentioned before, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah comes with lots of rides and facilities. Still, the most famous ones are none other than recreational parks. At least, tourists would find 9 of them during the exploration. These include monumental, fauna, flora, and cultural parks. As people may expect, each of them offers a distinct allure. Thus, all tourists must not miss the chance to explore those all.

For those who love the culture, they must reach a special spot called Anjungan Daerah. In this area, they may see miniatures of each Indonesia’s provinces. This place indeed becomes a recommended location for photography and learning culture! After that, it is recommended to reach the next famous spot called Arsipel Lake. This serene man-made lake even features the replica of Indonesia archipelago! For the information, both the lake and Anjungan Daerah reside in the same area, so tourists won’t waste much time to explore them all.

The next recommended facility to try is called Kereta Gantung or gondola. It is suitable for those who want to enjoy sightseeing from above and witness all parts of TMII from up there. One thing, it may cost some money in order to use the facility. Next, they must enter the famous Keong Mas IMAX Theater. The purpose is indeed to watch various types of performances and attractions. In fact, Keong Mas has become the icon of TMII! Thus, it is likely tourists won’t miss the chance to visit it later.

Nearby Attractions

  • TMII Bird Park
  • PKP Lake
  • Pancasila Sakti Monument

How to Get There
It is true that tourists or outsiders must reach Jakarta City first before heading to TMII. Well, the best way to get there is indeed by airplane. Later, once arriving at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport, they can simply take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah directly. The distance is 43.4 km, so this trip would take around 53 minutes.

The next option is by train and the destination is Jakarta Kota Train Station. Once reaching the station, tourists can use Raya Pantura Street and head to TMII right away. This trip usually takes around 38 minutes, as the distance is 29.5 km.

Another method is by bus, actually. This time, the destination is Grogol Bus Station. Next, from the terminal, tourists only need to Jakarta Inner Ring Road and reach TMII directly. The distance is 23.5 km, so the trip may take about 33 minutes at least.

Where to Stay

  • Santika Hotel
  • Westin Gama Tower Hotel

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