Situ Babakan in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Situ Babakan has become one of the most famous tourist areas in Jakarta City. Thus, all tourists should not miss the chance to drop by later. Even though the popularity seems inferior to TMII and Ancol, this one becomes the best place for enjoying various cultural and arts allures of Betawi society. The location is in Jagakarsa Sub-District and it belongs to South Jakarta City. The prime function is indeed to retain and promote original Betawi cultures! The popularity keeps growing, in fact. This explains why the site is always crowded, especially during weekends.

The Nuance
Aside from offering a cultural allure, Situ Babakan features a serene lake, as well. No wonder, it offers a soothing ambiance for those who want to enjoy family recreation and relaxation. The management even provides lots of duck boats that tourists can rent for exploring the lake. As for the nuance, it is definitely crowded! Most visitors are local families and tourists who often come in the afternoon. What is more? The site also comes with many shady trees. Thus, it offers a shady and comfortable atmosphere even though tourists come at noon!

Exploring Situ Babakan
Once tourists arrive at Situ Babakan, they can start doing lots of things. For example, they can explore the lake by available duck boats. It is true that they must pay the rental fee, but the expense would be worthy. While pedaling, they can witness stunning lake views and enjoy the soothing ambiance! The only consideration is related to the number of duck boats. During weekends and holidays, visitors are a lot, so some people need to queue in order to use the facility.

Is that all? Situ Babakan is also suitable for a culinary adventure. This is why tourists must not forget to carry extra cash during the visit. Lots of food vendors operate in that area and most of them sell Betawi dishes. Have no worries. Some of the vendors even come with comfy gazebos! Thus, tourists would be able to eat in a more comfortable manner. Plus, they can eat those delicious foods while watching beautiful views of the lake.

The next thing that tourists can enjoy in Situ Babakan is related to art performances. Sometimes, during special events, visitors are able to watch and learn Betawi’s arts! Usually, it is done on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). No wonder, the site becomes merrier at those times. Another thing that tourists can do is none other than fishing! They can choose either free spots or paid areas. The result differs, though!

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How to Get There
The most recommended way to reach Jakarta City is indeed by airplane. In this case, the distance would be Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. After reaching the airport, they can head to Situ Babakan directly by taking Jakarta Outer Ring Road. The distance is 50.3 km, so the trip may take around 57 minutes at least.

The next common method to reach Jakarta City is by train. This time, the destination is definitely Jakarta Kota Train Station. Next, from the station, tourists can use Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to Situ Babakan right

away. The distance is 34.6 km, so the trip may take about 52 minutes or less.

For those coming by bus, the destination would be Grogol Bus Station. Later, after arriving at the terminal, tourists can use Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to Situ Babakan immediately. The trip may take around 48 minutes, as the distance is 29.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Agila Asri Guesthouse
  • RedDoorz
  • Buritan Guesthouse
  • Tasya Inn

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