Lapangan Banteng Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Visiting Jakarta City, either for a vacation or businesses, would provide lots of new experiences to visitors. It is because the city features tons of amazing tourist sites, including historical places, museum, city parks, and much more! As for the reference, tourists must not miss the chance to visit Lapangan Banteng Park. The location is in Pasar Baru Village of Sawah Besar Sub-District. The popularity is considered excellent, in fact. This explains why outsiders and several foreigners have a positive review regarding the park. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a different nuance depending on the time of the visit! Here is more information about the site.

The Nuance
The first thing that makes it popular is related to the location, which is considered strategic. Not to mention the local government has conduct revitalization and improvements to the site. Thus, everyone can feel more comfortable and entertained during the visit. According to some people, the best time to visit the location is at night, when stunning lightings beautify the park. For a merrier nuance, though, tourists must also come during weekends due to a higher number of visitors.

Exploring Lapangan Banteng Park
Well, visitors can enjoy lots of things at Lapangan Banteng Park. For instance, they can take photos in front of many unique monuments, especially Patung Pembebasan Irian Barat. Perhaps, this has become the icon of the park. For the information, the statue was built in 1962 and the prime material is bronze. The next recommended background for taking photography is none other than the fountain. However, it looks the best at night! At the time, the fountain becomes colorful due to the presence of hologram and lightings. Not to mention the fountain spouts in a unique manner, looking like dancing.

Aside from photography, people usually enjoy casual sports in Lapangan Banteng Park. In this case, the activities should be done either in the morning or afternoon instead of at night. Here is the good news. The site features various types of sports courts, including basketball, soccer, and volley! Those who love jogging can also find a comfy and neat running track there. Moreover, a martial art club operates in that area!

Well, the next recommended thing to do in Lapangan Banteng Park would be enjoying a family recreation. It is because the park features a playground with numerous types of rides and facilities. These include swings, slides, mini train, sandbox, and many others. What is more? Those who love history, in this case, they can read many historical narrations there. Somehow, outsiders or foreigners need to hire a guide in order to learn these thoroughly.

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How to Get There
Those who come by airplane should head to Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at Jakarta City. Next, they can directly head to Lapangan Banteng Park by taking Prof. Sedyatmo Highway. The distance is 26.9 km, so the trip would take around 34 minutes.

The next option is by train. This time, the destination is Jakarta Kota Train Station, actually. Later, once tourists arrive at the station, they should take Pangeran Jayakarta and Gunung Sahari Street in order to reach the park. The trip would take about 13 minutes, as the distance is 5.6 km.

Another common method to reach Jakarta City is by bus. In this case, the destination is Grogol Bus Station. Next, once arriving at the terminal, tourists must take Kyai Tapa Street and head to the park immediately. This trip would take around 14 minutes, as the distance is 5.8 km.

Where to Stay

  • Antara Hotel
  • Pasar Baru Hotel
  • Aleander Hotel
  • Bunga – Bunga Hotel

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