1945 Struggle for Freedom Museum

1945 Struggle for Freedom Museum is located at Menteng Raya Street 31, Central Jakarta. In 1938, a Dutch businessman named LC Schomper, built a hotel called Schomper, I at Menteng Area. The hotel was built as a place to spend nights for high officials of the Nederland, foreign Entrepreneurs, and high officials of local government.

During the colonization of the Japanese Empire in Indonesia youth and it was turned into a boarding house and Education center for Indonesian Youth in order to learn nationalism. Soekarno (1st Indonesian President), Mohammad Hatta (1st Indonesian Vice President), Adam Malik Chaerul Saleh and many other youth generations of Indonesia are involved in the educations process inside. The name of the Hotel Schomper 1 Hotel then turned into Gedung Menteng 31 Building). As time went by, the Gedung Menteng 31 was used for many purposes. It was once used as office of Ministry of Manpower arrangement, National Boards of the Generation of 1945, and Jointly Secretariat of Nation Works Organization (secretariat Bersama Golongan Karya) - Embrio the GOLKAR Party.

After the building was renovated and repaired Gedung Menteng 31 was officially established as Museum Joang 45 on August 19, 1974, by former President Soeharto and former governor of Jakarta Ali Sadikin. The name, Museum Joang 45' is chosen as the building has played great role on the Independence if Indonesia and could become a site for the inheritance process of invaluable struggle values in 1945. The Museum is open from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm on Monday to Friday.

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