Lalitavistara Pagoda in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Jakarta City is indeed known as the capital of Indonesia. No wonder, foreigners or tourists are likely to visit it first before exploring other regions during holidays. Well, the city is known for its historical sites, public places, and fun family recreations, too! Aside from that, visitors can even find some religious sites including the one called Lalitavistara Pagoda. It is located in Cilincing Sub-District and resides at North Jakarta City, actually. In terms of tourism, the pagoda becomes a perfect object or background for photography indeed. Moreover, the site offers a comfy nuance for relaxation and recreation. Here is further discussion about the site.

The Nuance
Well, when it comes to nuance, the site indeed offers a peaceful ambiance. It is because the environment is clean and the landscape is well-maintained. As for the design, the pagoda is similar to that of Chinese, Myanmar, and Thailand! It is flanked by Lalitavistara Vihara and Wan Lin Chie ashes storage (cremation center). Unfortunately, tourists or visitors are not allowed to get in and climb the pagoda due to the dangerous accessibility. Instead, they can watch and take photos of the building from afar.

Exploring Lalitavistara Pagoda
The first thing that tourists can do in Lalitavistara Pagoda is indeed related to history. In this case, they must approach the keepers or nearby villagers in order to obtain the information. It is said the construction began in 1957 and was done by Zhang Hua. At the first time, the name was Ling Ying Si and it changed during the Orba Era due to the restriction of Mandarin Language usage in Indonesia. In terms of name, “Lalitavistara” means the journey of the Buddha, actually.

The next common reason for visiting Lalitavistara Pagoda is to enjoy culinary or foods. It is because tourists can find some seafood restaurants and food stands in that area, especially along the way to the location. Thus, it is recommended to carry enough money in order to buy some foods either before or after visiting the pagoda. Aside from the money, another important preparation is a camera. The purpose is indeed to take some photos while exploring the site later.

Here is the thing. Lalitavistara Pagoda has a strict prohibition related to accessibility. As mentioned above, tourists are not allowed to get in and climb the building these days. In the past, on the other hand, visitors were able to enter it and explore the interior. It is said the pagoda consists of 7 levels! In terms of architecture, it is both sturdy and beautiful despite the age!

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How to Get There
The prime destination is definitely Jakarta City and tourists can get there the fastest by airplane. In this case, the destination would be Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. After arriving at the airport, tourists can simply take Pelabuhan Highway and head to the pagoda directly. The distance is 37.6 km, so the trip would take around 59 minutes.

The next method is by train and tourists must reach Jakarta Kota Train Station first. Later, from the station, they can simply take RE Martadinata Street and reach the pagoda right away. The distance is 15.6 km, so the trip would only take around 47 minutes.

Another common method is by bus and the destination is Grogol Bus Station. Next, after reaching the terminal, tourists can use Raya Cilincing Street and head to Lalitavistara Pagoda immediately. This time, the trip would take about 57 minutes, as the distance is 22.7 km.

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