Situ Lembang Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Visiting Jakarta City indeed becomes foreign tourists’ priority when spending a vacation in Indonesia. In terms of tourism, this capital city offers various types of vacation spots including several recommended recreational areas like Situ Lembang Park. This one is located in Menteng Sub-District of Jakarta Pusat City. In terms of function, it indeed becomes a green open space, which is suitable for lessening and gathering. Unlike regular parks, though, this one offers some distinct features and beauty. Not to mention everyone can access the site without paying any fee! Well, here is further discussion about the park.

The Nuance
The nuance is more peaceful than other parks. This explains why Situ Lembang Park is suitable for relaxation and lessening. Also, it comes with many features, but the most important one is a man-made lake. The size of the lake is considered wide and it comes with beautiful lotuses, as well. In the midst of the lake, there is even a fountain! Next, the lake is surrounded by a jogging track, which is suitable for both jogging and bicycling. For the information, the total area of the park is around 11,150 meters per square! The most crowded time is either in the morning or afternoon, actually, when the nuance feels the best.

Exploring Situ Lembang Park
Situ Lembang is one of the oldest parks in Jakarta City, in fact. Despite its popularity, the number of visitors is not as many as other parks. Due to the serenity, many visitors take advantage of the nuance for relaxation and gathering with families. They simply sit by the lake while enjoying that peaceful atmosphere. The lake looks beautiful with its lotuses, as well! However, it is not allowed to get in the lake either for swimming or playing water.

The next common thing to do in Situ Lembang Park is related to casual sports like jogging and bicycling. There is a comfy and long track to enjoy these activities, after all. It surrounds the lake, as well. Next, during weekends, many local vendors operate in that area. This is why all tourists must not forget to carry some money to buy snacks or drinks from those sellers. Have no worries. The prices are quite affordable!

Without entrance fee, the park definitely gains more popularity among outsiders and tourists. Moreover, fishing can be done freely, as long as visitors carry their fishing rod and other required equipment. This can be done under shady trees, so everyone can even enjoy fishing at noon. Unlike Kalijodo Park, this one comes with big leafy trees. Thus, the atmosphere feels comfier even at noon.

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How to Get There
Well, tourists can use various methods in order to reach Jakarta City before heading to the park. For example, it is by airplane and the destination is Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. Once arriving at the airport, they should take the Sedyatmo Highway and get to the park directly. This trip may take around 40 minutes, as the distance is 31.4 km.

For those coming by train, in this case, they must head to Jakarta Kota Train Station first. Later, from the train station, tourists should only take Hayam Wuruk Street and get to Situ Lembang Park right away. Have no worries. The distance is 9.7 km, so the trip may take only about 24 minutes.

Here is another common method. Tourists can get to Jakarta City by bus and their destination would be Grogol Bus Station. After arriving at the station, tourists can take a local transportation service and head to the park immediately. This trip usually takes around 21 minutes, as the distance is 8.9 km. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Kebon Sirih Street, though.

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  • Diponegoro Resident
  • Mercure Hotel
  • Ibis Budget Hotel

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