Indonesian Stamp Museum in Cipayung Sub-district, East Jakarta City

Before the existence of smartphones and other advanced gadgets, people are into philately. They collected different types of stamps that came from distinct nations. In this case, a tourist spot like Indonesian Stamp Museum would be a great vacation destination. The location is within TMII Complex, situated in East Jakarta. So, what is inside the museum? It is a no brainer. The building displays many collections of stamps and other valuable items. With such attractions, the museum becomes a top-notch tourist spot in Jakarta Special Region, especially for those who love philately.

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Indonesian Stamp Museum applies the combination of Balinese and Javanese architecture. The gate has the shape of a temple and there is a pendopo, which is located in the midst of the yard. In front of it, there is a globe with a small dove statue on it. It represents the delivery of mail all over the globe! The next feature is the statue of Hanuman (the Monkey King). The reason is Hanuman was Rama’s messenger in reaching Shinta, who was abducted by Rahwana. Near to the statue, there is an old mailbox, which was owned by the Dutch back then.

Exploring Indonesian Stamp Museum
Now, it is time to explore or get around the museum. Before enjoying numerous stamp collections, tourists should learn a bit history of Indonesian Mailing. A tourist guide would provide the information to visitors, after all. The fact is people used palm leaves to send messages to others. They might cook those leaves first prior to writing messages on them. In the museum, the guests can see a sample of the leaves and the tree. Another important feature of the museum is the presence of a giant stamp, displaying the face of Tien Soeharto (the wife of the 2nd president of Indonesia). It is quite majestic.

Many exhibition halls are available, displaying post equipment, diorama, and some old stamps from different eras. These include Daendels Raffles and VOC stamps. Near to the location, tourists can see miniatures of VOC ships, post trains, post horses, etc. On the wall, there is the picture of Rowland Hill, who was the World’s Father of Stamp. He was the one who invented the stamp system as the sign of acquaintance in sending mail.

What’s more? The next famous attraction is the replica of Penny Black, which is the first published stamp. It is said such stamp was released in 1840 by Batavia Post Office. Such legendary stamp has King Willem III’s picture on it. In the block II, tourists can learn the production of stamps. What’s in the block III, actually? It is the famous Indonesian stamp, which was published during the war of Independence. It is also worth an observation.

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How to Get There
For outsiders, the first destination is Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Once tourists get there, they can take any local transportation service to Cipayung Sub-district, which resides in East Jakarta City. To be exact, Indonesian Stamp Museum is located in TMII Street. It is easy to find, after all.

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