Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta City, DKI Province

One of the most famous vacation spots in Jakarta City, Ancol Dreamland, indeed would be in everyone’s list when spending a vacation in DKI Province. The location is at Ancol Village and it belongs to Pademangan Sub-District. For the information, it has become an integral part of Ancol Bay City and offers numerous stunning objects, knowledge, arts, and cultures. No wonder, local families are always seen there regardless of the time. These people want to spend a memorable family recreation and vacation with their family members, after all. One thing, it is recommended to carry much money to try all the facilities and fun rides!

The Nuance
Due to nice management, Ancol Dreamland indeed looks so beautiful and offers a comfy nuance. Lots of trees and plants beautify the site, as well. Not to mention many types of rides and facilities are available for tourists to use. In fact, visitors may find an international-standard golf court and sophisticated accommodations there. The good news is the site operates daily, so tourists can choose the time of the visit based on their preferred nuance. For example, at weekends, the nuance indeed becomes merry.

Exploring Ancol Dreamland
Before enjoying all different types of fun rides in Ancol Dreamland, tourists must not forget to gather information regarding the history of the site first. It is said that the area was once a neglected swamp, where lots of mosquitos lived. No wonder, the region suffered from Malaria back then. Thanks to the government’s initiative. They decided to develop the site and turned it into a well-maintain vacation area. The development continues, so tourists can find tons of interesting facilities there.

So, what can tourists do? The first recommended spot to visit is called Dunia Fantasi where tens of fun rides operate. One thing, tourists must spend lots of money in order to try all rides and facilities. Some attractions and theatrical performances also occur at special times there. Next, after visiting DUFAN, tourists should head to the next famous facility called Atlantis Water Adventure. As the name suggests, this place becomes a perfect site for playing water and swimming! It applies an underwater theme of Atlantic Ocean, actually.

What is more? Other famous places are available to explore! These include Ocean Dream Samudra, Sea World Ancol, art market, Festival Beach, Carnival Beach, and much more! Those who have enough money can even enjoy exclusive sports like bowling and golfing there. Therefore, once again, it is recommended to carry enough cash in order to enjoy the best fun in Ancol Dreamland.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pulau Ayer
  • Sea World Anyer
  • Mangga Dua Square

How to Get There
For outsiders or tourists, the easiest way to reach Jakarta City is indeed by airplane and the destination is Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. Next, after arriving at the airport, they can use Prof. Sedyatmo Street and head to Ancol Dreamland directly. Have no worries. The trip would take only about 27 minutes, as the distance is 23.3 km.

For those coming by train, in this case, their destination would be Jakarta Kota Train Station. Next, from the station, they must take Mangga Dua Raya Street and reach Ancol Dreamland right away. This trip only takes about 11 minutes, as the distance is 3.2 km.

Here is another method. Tourists can take a bus from their region and head to Grogol Bus Station at Jakarta City. After arriving at the destination, they can use Raya Pantura Street in order to reach Ancol Dreamland. The distance is 11.8 km, so the trip would take around 21 minutes or less.

Where to Stay

  • Discovery Hotel
  • Mercure Convention Center
  • Marina Mediterania Hotel

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