Menteng Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Menteng Park has become another popular tourist sites in Jakarta City. As the name suggests, this beautiful park is located in Menteng Sub-District. The site is known for its clean and neat environment, actually. Not to mention the location is quite strategic and the park features lots of comfy facilities. In terms of function, the local government built it to provide another option of green open public place in the midst of downtown. Thus, citizens and tourists can drop by for lessening or eradicating stresses. Plus, the park accommodates everyone for numerous types of activities like casual sports and family recreation!

The Nuance
The number of visitors is considered moderate despite the strategic location. Thus, the park feels both crowded and peaceful at the same time. The best thing is that accessibility is quite excellent. The park is flanked by big famous roads, after all. As for facilities, tourists would find lots of features there, including a fountain, playground, grassy landscapes, glass house, trees, and much more. Some pathways also reside there, which are suitable for jogging, bicycling, exploration, and much more!

Exploring Menteng Park
Well, the most common thing that tourists can do in Menteng Park is relaxation. They only need to find the best spot to relax and enjoy the nuance. It is recommended to come with family members, though, in order to get the best ambiance and merrier atmosphere. Not to mention they are allowed to conduct eating together, as long as they would take care of the trash afterward. The next benefit of visiting the park is related to ecological knowledge. Visitors, at least, can learn regarding the importance of green open spaces, which are to reduce pollution and becomes the lung of big cities!

The next recommended thing to do in Menteng Park is definitely sightseeing and appreciating available plants that grow in that area. For the information, the total area is about 30 hectares. The park also features more than 30 types of flora! Thus, nature lovers would have a good time there. It is because they can see various species of plants while conducting photography. During the exploration, visitors may see lots of infiltration wells, too!

What is more? Menteng Park is suitable for sports activities like basketball and indoor soccer. Have no worries. The park has featured a basketball court and futsal field. The good thing is that everyone can use the facilities freely! Next, tourists must visit the glasshouses where some exhibitions are often conducted. One thing, they must come at the right time to join the event!

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How to Get There
Well, the tourists’ prime destination is none other than Jakarta City. The good news is that outsiders can get to the destination by various methods. The fastest one is indeed by airplane and the destination is Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. Later, from the airport, tourists only need to take Prof. Sedyatmo Highway and get to Menteng Park directly. The distance is 29.9 km, so the trip would take around 39 minutes.

For those who come by train, in this case, they should reach Jakarta Kota Train Station. Once arriving at the station, the next thing to do is to take Hayam Wuruk Street and head to the park right away. The distance is 7.3 km, so this trip would take around 23 minutes or less.

Here is another common method to reach Jakarta City. Tourists can simply take a bus and head to Grogol Bus Station. Later, from that place, they should take Cideng Timur Street and head to the park directly. This trip would take around 19 minutes, as the distance is 7.5 km. It can even be faster when the traffic is low.

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  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel
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