Pancasila Sacred Monument Cipayung Sub-district, East Jakarta City

One of the reasons in visiting Jakarta Special Region is its history. It is because the capital of Indonesia holds numerous historical places, on which tourists can explore. One of them is located in Cipayung Sub-district – Pancasila Sacred Monument. It was built as the recommendation of Soeharto, the second president of Indonesia. The purpose was to recall the struggle of Revolution Heroes in retaining Pancasila (the ideology of the nation). At that time, Indonesia was under the threat of communism. Those heroes include Suprapto, Haryono, Siswondo Parman, DI Panjaitan, Sutoyo Siswomiharjo, and A.H. Nasution.

The Nuance
Being a recommended tourist spot, the monument becomes popular over time. It is also because the landmark is situated near to a famous “Lubang Buaya”. Once tourists reach the monument, they can learn a bit history of those revolution heroes and their clothes! The color of the monument is predominantly white and it has Garuda Pancasila statue on its wall. Not to mention the statues of the heroes reside on the foundation. The fact is the monument is surrounded by lush trees, so the nuance is comfortable and shady.

Exploring Pancasila Sacred Monument
Some tourists are attracted in the history of the monument, so they come to the site to learn about its history. In this case, the help of a tourist guide or the locals is quite helpful. Despite the fee, it would be valuable information. Apart from its history, the landmark becomes a favorite object for photography. Visitors can simply take some pictures of it or take selca. One thing, they are not allowed to get too close to it. It is also important to take care of the environment. That means littering is extremely prohibited.

Actually, some unique attractions are located near to the monument. First, it is the Deadly Well (Lubang Buaya). It was the pit where revolution heroes were killed. Next, there is the House of Torment. As the name suggests, it was the place where the heroes were tortured before getting killed by the communists. In the past, it also became a local school. With these facts, the aura of the house seems creepy and dark. Though, it is a worthy location for tourists. In that site, the management presents a diorama regarding the rebellion of Communist Party and the struggle of local heroes.

The next attraction is the Command Post. It was actually the base of Lieutenant Colonel Untung, the leader of PKI (Communist Party) when he was planning for the abduction of revolution heroes. Today, it becomes a significant tourist lure near to Sacred Pancasila Monument and it displays historical items like petromax, glass cabinet, and sewing machine. These items became the part of the history, after all. No wonder, they are considered valuable and worth keeping.

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How to Get There
Sacred Pancasila Monument is located in Pondok Gede Raya Street, Cipayung Sub-district. It belongs to East Jakarta, actually. For those coming from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the trip takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The distance between those locations is 50.2 km, after all. For the fastest route, they can either take Jakarta Inner Ring Road or Pantura Street.

Where to Stay

  • Cipayung Asri Hotel
  • Budeh Agung Hotel
  • Asri Hotel

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