Langsat Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Big cities like Jakarta indeed have lots of comfy parks for relaxation. In Jakarta City, for instance, there is the famous Langsat Park. The location is in Kramat Pela Village and it belongs to Kebayoran Baru Sub-District. What makes it different than other parks, though? Well, it is known for its mystical nuance! Thus, tourists can feel a distinct experience when spending a vacation in the park. Another good thing is that tourists can easily find the location. It is because the park resides in the back of Barito Bird Market!

The Nuance
One thing that makes Langsat Park different than other parks in Jakarta City is none other than the nuance. As mentioned before, the park has a mystical nuance due to the rural mysteries. Tourists can even hear and learn about those stories during the visit later. In terms of size, the park resides on an area of 3.6 hectares. The location is in the midst of South Jakarta City, so it provides a comfy spot to everyone for relaxation, hanging out, or other casual activities. As for features, the most noticeable one is the old concrete bridge covered by moss. It resides on a small river and the appearance indeed looks mystical!

Exploring Langsat Park
The first thing that tourists can enjoy in Langsat Park is related to history. They can simply ask the locals regarding the history later. It is said the site was once used as storage of plant seeds back then. Aside from that, the locals said the park has numerous mysteries or mystical stories! Have no worries. Tourists can learn more about these from villagers later. Moreover, the location is covered by lush trees, local bird market, and buildings. This makes the park looks more secluded and mystical!

The next common thing to do in Langsat Park is definitely to conduct photography. Tourists only need to find the right spots for taking photos later. For example, they can simply stand above the bridge and take some pictures on it. One thing, the ambiance becomes gloomy sometimes, so everyone must come at the right time, which is usually at noon or in the morning. It can be said that Langsat is a hidden park! That means the location is suitable for relaxation and finding peace, too.

Another great thing about Langsat Park is the presence of shady trees and beautiful landscape. Not to mention, during relaxation, tourists may hear beautiful songs of birds! Here is the good news. The park has featured a jogging track, which can be used freely! The length of the jogging track is about 750 meters! It also passes through a small hill, which helps tourists to enjoy the activity better.

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How to Get There
Usually, outsiders and foreign tourists would take an airplane in order to reach Jakarta City. They consider it the fastest way to get there, after all. Next, after arriving at Jakarta, tourists only need to take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and get to Langsat Park directly. For those coming by train, they should head to Jakarta Kota Station first. After that, they should take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and reach the park right away. This trip usually takes around 40 minutes, as the distance is 19.8 km.

As an alternative, tourists can get to Jakarta City by bus and their destination is Grogol Bus Station. Next, they should take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to the park immediately. This time, the trip would take about 29 minutes, as the distance is 15.2 km.

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