Jakarta Museum of Kites in Cilandak Sub-District, South Jakarta City

Visiting Jakarta Special Region is worth the expense, as many types of attractions are available. One of them is located in Cilandak Sub-district, which is called Museum of Kites. The locals call it Layang-Layang Museum, actually. As the name suggests, the building displays various types of kites, coming in different colors and shapes. It opens every day, but holidays. Not to mention the entry fee is quite cheap. Mostly, the visitors are students, kids, and families. They want to witness unique collections of kites that come from different regions, after all.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Jakarta Museum of Kites is not quite big. That means it would be a bit uncomfortable during weekends, as many visitors would come, especially the kids. However, the place offers a homey nuance with shady trees and beautiful plants. In fact, there are some benches and a gazebo, on which tourists can relax. The design of the museum is quite traditional but majestic! This features facilities like toilets and a mushola, which are both clean and neat. When it is about foods and drinks, the guests can buy these near to the entry point (ticket counter).

Exploring Jakarta Museum of Kites
So, what can people do there? In a nutshell, the guests are allowed to get around the museum, exploring all available rooms. Though, it is better to enjoy a documentary video regarding kites and related information, which is provided near to the entry point. Once it is done, they may perform a small tour, witnessing many collections of local and foreign kites. These are well-kept in the primary building, which has the shape of Joglo House. Have no worries. All those kites come with a thorough description. Still, hiring a tour guide is quite recommended.

According to the information, it was Indonesian, who flew the first kites instead of Chinese. Is it true? Well, the most significant proof is the pre-historic paintings, displayed on the wall of Sugi Patani Cave in Muna, Southeast Sulawesi. In the past, local people use Kolope leaves and pineapple fibers to fly kites. That means such fun activity has been done since about 4,000 years ago. On the other hand, the Chinese flew their first kites since 2,000 years ago. This fact would be quite satisfying for visitors, for sure.

Jakarta Museum of Kites exhibits three different categories of kites, including cultural, competition, and sports kites. When it is about the biggest one, there is one with the size of 3 meters. All of those kites indeed attract photographers. The problem is it requires a proposal prior to taking pictures inside the museum. As visitors, everyone should obey such kind of policy, after all. As an alternative, they can learn how to make a kite or other items like ceramics. Kids can also learn how to paint and make Batik.

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How to Get There
The museum resides in Kamang Street 38, Pondok Labu Sub-district. Actually, it belongs to South Jakarta City. If travelers come from Soetta Airport, they may spend about 40 minutes to reach the location. The distance is 33.5 km, after all. As for the tip, they should take Jakarta Outer Ring Road, which is the fastest route.

Where to Stay

  • Maven Hotel
  • Zahabi Hotel
  • Mirdhas Place
  • Park 5 Hotel

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