Kalijodo Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Tourists always have reasons for revisiting Jakarta City of Indonesia. Aside from excellent accommodations and facilities, Jakarta offers several comfy parks to enjoy a family recreation and relaxation. One of them is located in Angke Village of Tambora Sub-District, which is called Kalijodo Park. It belongs to West Jakarta City, actually. In the past, the site was quite notorious due to prostitution practice. Thanks to the government. These days, it turns into a beautiful and soothing park! That means the city has another green open space for everyone to enjoy. There is no fee to enter the site and tourists can do lots of things there. These include gathering, relaxation, photography, family recreation, sports, and much more!

The Nuance
The nuance is definitely merry and crowded, as the number of visitors is high. The park even gets more visitors during weekends and afternoon! Most of the visitors are indeed local families who often come with their kids. Well, another reason that makes it popular is none other than the strategic location. It resides on a roadside and has a total area of about 1.4 hectares! In terms of facilities, it is considered complete. Visitors can find playgrounds, mini library, bicycle track, jogging track, amphitheater, Skate Park, toilets, outdoor gym, and much more!

Exploring Kalijodo Park
Despite the gloomy past, Kalijodo has obtained a new status these days. The simplest and most common thing to do in Kalijodo Park is none other than relaxation or family recreation. This explains why lots of local parents often come with their kids, especially in the afternoon and weekends. One thing, it is not recommended to come at noon due to the heat of the sun. The park doesn’t feature shady trees, after all. Thus, tourists must choose other times, including in the morning or afternoon.

Aside from family recreation and relaxation, people usually come to Kalijodo Park for sports. These include jogging, skating, bicycling, yoga, and other casual sports. The park provides the facilities to enjoy those activities, after all. Even visitors can conduct roller skating there. Here is an important consideration. Everyone should pay attention to the crowd when doing all those sports activities. It is because the park becomes too crowded sometimes, causing discomfort to them.

The next thing to enjoy is definitely photography. Tourists can either use a digital camera or smartphone in order to collect photos there. The park even features some beautiful and colorful graffiti walls, which become a great background for photography. Next, during special moments, a bazaar occurs in that area. However, the schedule is uncertain, so tourists must give some efforts in order to find the right time for joining the event.

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How to Get There
The main checkpoint is indeed Jakarta City and tourists can get there by various methods. For instance, they can get there by airplane and the destination is Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. From the airport, they can directly head to Kalijodo Park by a land transportation service later. The distance is 20.3 km and the best route to take is Sedyatmo Highway. This trip may take around 24 minutes at least. Next, those who come by train, in this case, the destination would be Jakarta Kota Station. From that place, they should take Bandengan Selatan Street in order to reach the park. This trip would take about 15 minutes, as the distance is 4.7 km. Here is another example. Those who come by bus should head to Grogol Bus Station. From the station, they can simply take Lutameten Street and get to the park directly. The distance is 5.8 km, so the trip may take about 18 minutes at least.

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