Satria Mandala Museum in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Tourists who visit Jakarta City would be impressed by the number of museums that they can find in different parts of the city. One of these museums resides in West Kuningan Village of Mampang Prapatan Sub-District, actually. The name is Satria Mandala Museum, which is considered as one of the most recommended tourist sites in South Jakarta City. Unlike regular museums, this one offers special objects that relate to the national army of Indonesia. Thus, visitors can both learn the history of TNI and watch various types of weapon and artilleries there.

The Nuance
The nuance feels so comfy both outside and inside the museum. Once arriving in front of the museum, tourists may see a beautiful and neat garden right away. The plants look majestic and stunning! Plus, old artillery resides in front of the museum. Not to mention a green grassy landscape would soothe all visitors. So, what about inside the building? Well, tourists may see various weapons, vehicles, information, and other things that relate to TNI (national army of Indonesia). The environment is indeed clean and well-managed. Thus, everyone would feel comfortable during exploration.

Exploring Satria Mandala Museum
Those who love information and objects that relate to the army should never miss the chance to visit Satria Mandala Museum. The good news is that the museum has lots of interesting rooms or places to explore. For instance, there is the Indonesian generals’ room. As the name suggests, it displays numerous items that relate to the nation’s most famous generals namely Sudirman, Nasution, Oerip Soemohardjo, and Soeharto. Those items include statues, photos, and numerous historical objects used by those generals back then.

The next recommended spot to explore is the weapon collection room. The location is below the building, which stores numerous types of national army’s weapons including guns, anti-air cannon, rockets, Molotov, and much more! Next, it is recommended to reach the back of the museum where a hangar-like building resides. In that area, tourists may see numerous old war vehicles, small planes, and much more! That spot indeed becomes the best area for photography.

What is more? Satria Mandala Museum also has a diorama room. That means visitors can learn interesting history and important events in the past by simply watching those dioramas. This spot is usually popular among parents who come with their kids, actually. Have no worries. Museum guides are available and they would tell information regarding those dioramas freely to visitors later.

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How to Get There
First, tourists or outsiders must get to Jakarta City using their preferred transportation choice. For example, the fastest way is indeed by airplane and the destination is Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. Next, from the airport, tourists can reach the museum directly by taking Jakarta Inner Ring Road. The distance is 31.9 km, so the trip may take at least about 31 minutes.

The next common choice to reach Satria Mandala Museum is by train. In this case, the destination would be Jakarta Kota Train Station. Next, from the station, tourists can use Jendral Sudirman Street and reach the museum right away. The distance is 12.3 km, so the trip may take around 23 minutes or less.

For those coming by bus, their destination would be Grogol Bus Station. Next, from the terminal, they can take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and Gatot Subroto Street in order to reach the museum. This time, the trip may take around 17 minutes, as the distance is 12 km.

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