Casa Cisca
Plaza Semanggi, Third Floor 3A / 12B
Phone: (021) 25536332

Giuseppecorica Pastries
Sampit V Street 2
Phone: (021) 7237418

Chianti Classico Bistro
Mega Kuningan Street
Phone: (021) 5761601

Veteran I Street 30, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3447288

LA Porchetta
HR. Rasuna Said Street Kav. 62
Phone: (021) 5210601

Al Nafoura
Le Meridien Hote;
Jend. Sudirman Street Kav. 18-20, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 2513131

Raya KS. Tubun Street 2, West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5308366

Kemang Raya Street 11A, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7194617

The Duck King
Asia Afrika Street, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 57932032

Golden Ming
The Acasia Hotel
Kramat Raya Street 73-81, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3903030

Sim Yan
Kalibesar Barat Street 46
Phone: (021) 69041188

Golden Palace Restaurant
Summer Palace Restaurant
Menteng Raya Street 29, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3142989

BRI Tower II (Center Park 8th Floor)
Jend. Sudirman Street Kav. 44-46, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5713600

“Bakwan & Noodle House”
Radio Dalam Raya Street 1A, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 70723362

Back 2 Beef
Hang Lekir Street 15, Kebayoran Baru
Phone: (021) 7396275

Celebes Setiabudi One
HR Rasuna Said Street Kav.62
Phone: (021) 5211949

Club Fez
Kemang Raya Street 788
Phone: (021) 7192677

Selera Vegetarian
Boulevard Raya Street, RA-19/12 Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 45843139

Pakin Street 1 A/11-A12, North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 6625132

Keamanan Raya Street 29A, West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 6398396

Batu Ceper Raya Street 7, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3806739

Santika Hotel
AIPDA KS. Tubun Street 7, West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5361777

Galeria TC
Kemang Raya Street 24A, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7194270

Planet Hollywood
Gatot Subroto Street, Kav. 16,

South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5267827

Tony Roma's
Panin Bank Center, Jend. Sudirman Street
Phone: (021) 7202735

Front Row
Jend. Gatot Subroto Street, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5747231

Mh. Thamrin Street 11, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3146587

Dinning Room
Brawijaya Raya Street 26, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7258668

Ayam Bakar Taliwang
Panglima Polim IV Street 125, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7252863

Ratu Kuring
Buncit Raya Street 135, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7996886

Satay Senayan
Tanah Abang 2 Street 76, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 3847270

Latest News

Istiqlal Mosque Becomes a Religious Tourism Destination

Istiqlal Mosque is one of the halal tourist destinations in Indonesia. The construction process in a number of areas of the largest mosque in Southeast Asia has been completed and has made it ready as a place of worship, study, as well as tourism. The Istiqlal Mosque has become an icon of Indonesia. Many tourists and national heads who visited Indonesia then saw the beauty of the Istiqlal Mosque. If you enter to the mosque, with five floors and one ground floor, you will see the splendor of modern architecture…

MACAN Museum, Attractive Vacation Spot in Jakarta

Jakarta City always becomes the center of tourism, especially for foreigners who spend a vacation in Indonesia. It is the capital city of the nation, after all. That means Jakarta becomes a perfect checkpoint before visiting other regions. Aside from that, it also has tons of attractive vacation spots that offer different themes. For instance, there is the MACAN Museum in Kebon Jeruk Sub-District. Tourists only need to reach Perjuangan 5 Street in order to get to the museum. So, what is in there? Well, the official name is the…

Recommended Shopping Center in Jakarta

Whether you are a serious shopper or a half-hearted shopper, there is definitely something for everyone in Jakarta, the National Shopping Capital. Serving diverse tastes and pockets, you can buy various kinds of goods in Jakarta from local handicrafts to haute couture labels. The best shopping malls in Jakarta not only serve as great places to shop, but also to hang out and be seen. Each of these malls provide the best one-stop shopping experience for visitors, with unique perks such as being home to Jakarta’s only ice skating rink,…

A Majestic Tourist Destination – Thousand Islands National Park Indonesia

  In a nutshell, Indonesia is an archipelago nation. That means it holds tons of islands. The options are limitless for travelers. The local name is “Kepulauan Seribu”. Tourists also call it Thousand Islands Regency. The combination of islands makes a perfect Thousand Islands National Park. The location is about 45 km from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Why is it popular among tourists? All the islands offer great nature attractions. These include beaches, underwater scenery, trees, and much more.   In terms of beauty, Thousand Islands Regency is considered…

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