Bahari Museum in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Jakarta City, the capital of Indonesia, is indeed a historical place. No wonder, tourists can find many interesting museums there, including the one called Bahari Museum. This maritime museum is located in Penjaringan Sub-District of North Jakarta City. As the name suggests, tourists may see some historical maritime objects of the nation inside the museum. Not to mention visitors are able to learn history regarding Jakarta during the reign of VOC (the Dutch). In a nutshell, the museum becomes the best place to learn about Indonesia’s maritime information and history! It is suitable for spending a family recreation, too, there.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Bahari Museum, tourists may see a simple and old-style building right away. It applies the Dutch’s architecture, as well. In front of the museum, two big anchors reside majestically. In that spot, there is a parking site and local vendors’ venue, too. So, what about the interior? Inside the building, lots of historical and unique maritime objects are displayed neatly! These include boat miniatures, for sure. In fact, these objects are in good condition due to excellent management and air circulation.

Exploring Bahari Museum
So, what can tourists do during the visit? Commonly, people are interested in visiting the museum for the same reasons. They want to learn about Indonesia’s maritime history and traditional boats. After all, the museum displays tons of boat miniatures, information, facts, history, and much more. Moreover, some real boats are also kept safely there! The good news is that visitors are allowed to use a camera and take photos while exploring the location.

Aside from sightseeing and photography, tourists can enjoy other things there. For instance, they can hear and learn folklores that were often sung by traditional fishermen in the past. Next, tourists must visit a certain room where numerous types of sailing boats reside. Lots of sailing equipment and items are also displayed there. These objects often become a background for photography, actually.

The next thing to enjoy in Bahari Museum is to watch various photos and paintings that relate to local maritime. Unfortunately, these collections are not completed. It is because some of them were burnt in a fire incident back then. Well, what is more? After exploring the interior, tourists must not forget to take photos outside the building too. In this case, the best spot is where a Dutch’s tower is located. In this area, tourists can enjoy photography and sightseeing in a more comfortable manner.

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How to Get There
Well, the prime destination is definitely Jakarta City and tourists can get there in numerous ways. Those who come with an airplane, in this case, can reach Soekarno – Hatta International Airport first. Later, from the airport, they can simply take Prof. Sedyatmo Airport Highway and head to the museum directly. The distance is 20.6 km, so the trip would take about 22 minutes, at least. For those who come by train, though, their destination is Jakarta Kota Station. Next, they can take a local transportation service and reach the museum by taking Tongkol Street. The distance is 2 km, so the trip would take about 7 minutes. What about those who come by bus? In this case, the destination is Grogol Bus Station. Later, from that place, tourists should take Inner Ring Road Street and reach the museum directly. This trip would take about 19 minutes, as the distance is 9.2 km.

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