Little Tokyo in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Those who never visited Jakarta City would be confused regarding the most recommended vacation spots to explore there. Have no worries. It can be as simple as visiting the famous Little Tokyo Blok M. The location is Menteng Dalam Village and it belongs to Tebet Sub-District. As tourists may expect, the location is known for its Japanese food stands and other facilities that represent Japan’s ambiance. Thus, visitors would feel like spending some time at the famous Tokyo City! Aside from culinary, the site is suitable for photography and shopping, as well.

The Nuance
As explained earlier, the site offers a Tokyo-like nuance. The best time to visit the location is in the evening, though. At the time, the site features lots of sparkling lights and more facilities including food vendors. What is more? The next amazing thing is related to architecture. Almost all buildings apply a Japanese-like architecture. Tourists would feel like exploring Tokyo, therefore. Moreover, the site becomes quite crowded during special events like cosplay, culinary, and much more. Thus, everyone should consider visiting Little Tokyo during those events only!

Exploring Little Tokyo
It is worthy to learn history regarding Little Tokyo during the visit. Tourists only need to talk to those who live in that area or local guides later. It is said the development and popularity began in 1990. At the time, lots of expatriates (especially Japan People) stayed in Blok M. Knowing the need for traditional Japanese foods, many food vendors decided to open Japanese restaurants in that area. Not to mention lots of stores and services opened gradually since then.

These days, for tourists or outsiders, they can enjoy a distinct nuance while visiting or exploring Little Tokyo. Aside from enjoying that unique ambiance, tourists can enjoy other things, as well. For instance, it is related to culinary. During the exploration, tourists would find lots of authentic Japanese restaurants! These come with both classic and modern concepts, in fact. Here is the tip. Everyone should not miss the chance to visit the oldest restaurant called Izakaya Taichan. Both the foods and architecture of this restaurant are quite satisfying!

Next, aside from enjoying the foods, visitors can take advantage of the nuance for photography. In this case, tourists only need to find stunning spots and buildings as the background. Also, it is recommended to come only during good weather. Another recommended time to visit Little Tokyo Blok M is during special Japanese Events. The most popular one perhaps is the cosplay festival where lots of people wear unique dresses that come from Manga or Anime.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Suropati Park
  • Dirgantara Statue Monument
  • Antique Market

How to Get There
Little Tokyo is located in downtown, but tourists must reach Jakarta City first. For outsiders, the best way to get there is indeed by airplane. They only need to reach Soekarno – Hatta International Airport first. Next, tourists should take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and head to Little Tokyo directly. This trip may take about 52 minutes, as the distance is 33.8 km.

It is also possible to reach Jakarta City by train. In this case, the destination is Jakarta Kota Train Station. Later, once tourists arrive at the station, they can use Hayam Wuruk Street and head Little Tokyo right away. This trip may take around 46 minutes, as the distance is 11.9 km.

Tourists can also use a bus service in order to get to Jakarta City and they only need to reach Grogol Bus Station first. Later, from the terminal, they can use Layang – Kampung Melayu – Tanah Abang Street in order to reach Little Tokyo. The distance is 11.3 km, so the trip may take around 43 minutes, at least.

Where to Stay

  • Casa Grande Residence
  • Wyndham
  • Anggana Hotel
  • Puri Casablanca

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