Proklamasi Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Jakarta City never bores visitors and tourists, no? One of the reasons is the presence of unique parks, located near downtown. For instance, there is Proklamasi Park, which is located in Pegangsan Village of Menteng Sub-District. In terms of region, it belongs to Jakarta Pusat City, actually. The official name is Taman Tugu Proklamasi and it was named after the most important event in the past, which is the declaration of independence of Indonesia (done by the first president and his vice). The government built the monument and park in order to recall that historical event, actually.

The Nuance
Well, in terms of nuance, Proklamasi Park is not as crowded as other parks in Jakarta City. It is because tourists won’t find many facilities and accommodations in that area. Instead, they may see a majestic monument, featuring two statues that represent Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta (the first president and vice president of the nation). These figures reside on a beautiful marble foundation, as well. Somehow, the monument becomes a nice background for photography. Is that all? Aside from the monument, the site features a beautiful park as well, which is suitable for relaxation.

Exploring Proklamasi Park
The first thing that tourists can enjoy in Proklamasi Park is to learn history. They can simply ask the locals or a guide regarding the independence proclamation of the nation. For outsiders and foreigners, a guide’s help is indeed needed in order to get further information regarding the site. For locals, on the other hand, they may have already heard about history. Thus, they don’t have to hire the service later. Instead, they can use the money to buy snacks and drinks while enjoying a comfy nuance in the park.

Aside from learning history, people come to Proklamasi Park for relaxation, as well. Thanks to the presence of beautiful flowers and shady trees. That means tourists can simply sit under those trees while relaxation. Even the site won’t feel hot at noon due to that shadiness. After that, it is recommended to walk through the pathway and reach the only building that resides in that area. The name of the building is Gedung Alam Semesta, which represents the beginning of national development.

For the information, the park becomes more crowded during weekends, as many locals come to the site for casual sports and relaxation. Not to mention the park has the highest number of visitors at Augusts 17th when the nation celebrates its independence day. At the time, nearby locals would conduct various competitions in the park in order to celebrate the event. Have no worries. Tourists are allowed to join!

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How to Get There
All tourists should reach Jakarta City first before heading to Proklamasi Park, for sure. In this case, for outsiders, the fastest way will be by airplane. Once they have arrived at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport, they can simply take Pelabuhan Highway and head to the park directly. This trip usually takes around 37 minutes, as the distance is 40.2 km.

The next transportation choice is by train and the destination is Jakarta Kota Train Station. Once tourists have arrived at the station, later, they can simply take Gunung Sahari Street and head to the park right away. The distance is 10.2 km, so this trip may take around 19 minutes at least.

As for another example, tourists can get to Jakarta City by bus. This time, the destination is Grogol Bus Station. Later, from the bus station, they can use Kebon Sirih Street and reach the park immediately. This trip usually takes about 20 minutes, as the distance is 9.2 km.

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  • OYO Hotel
  • Lumire Hotel

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