Jakarta International Equestrian Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Spending a vacation in Jakarta City won’t bore tourists, either those who live nearby or outside DKI Province. It is because the city always has something unique for visitors. Here is an example. The name is Jakarta International Equestrian Park, which is located in Kayu Putih Village of Pulo Gadung Sub-District. Tourists only need to reach Jakarta Timur City in order to reach this park. The locals often call it JIEP, actually. The prime function is to facilitate horse racing events. After the latest renovation, the building got its official inauguration in 2018! No wonder this is considered one of the newest vacation areas for everyone, especially those who love horse racing!

The Nuance
The first noticeable thing about Jakarta International Equestrian Park is related to the design and size. It applies a modern concept and the building resides on an area of about 35 hectares. The prime pavilion has 4 floors, featuring up to 1500 seats! The building also has about 156 horse stable and other facilities, including athlete’s lodging, training center, and animal hospital. Not to mention it comes with a comfy park for relaxation and hanging out. On some occasions, tourists may see other events too, aside from horse racing! These include concerts, art exhibitions, weddings, conferences, and much more! This explains why the nuance feels so merry!

Exploring Jakarta International Equestrian Park
Those who love sports, especially horse racing, should not miss the chance to visit Jakarta International Equestrian Park someday. Lots of people even agree regarding the building's status. They said JIEP is indeed the biggest in South East Asia. During horse racing events, tourist can both watch and take photos of the race. On the other hand, during regular days, they can simply explore the site and appreciate both the design and building’s features. However, it may require permission from the keeper first.

What is more? It is true that most tourists come to Jakarta International Equestrian Park in order to watch horse racing. However, more interesting activities can be done there. For instance, tourists must not miss the chance to get around the building. After getting permission, they can start exploring all parts of the tribunes and other sides of the park. The most popular area perhaps is the stables. There are many of them! Have no worries. The environment is quite clean and comfy. Thanks to the excellent management. The keepers even use a high-quality disinfectant in order to clean that area thoroughly.

After exploring the stables, tourists must get back to the tribunes and conduct photography there. For the information, there is a special luxury tribune area, which is able to accommodate up to 900 people. In that area, tourists may find luxurious facilities, too, including VIP rooms! Thus, everyone should not waste their time in the same spot only. Exploration would give them a more satisfying experience for sure.

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How to Get There
The prime destination is none other than Jakarta City and the fastest way to get there is by airplane. In this case, they must take the airplane service at their town and head to Soekarno – Hatta International Airport directly. Later, after arriving at Soetta Airport, they can take Pelabuhan Highway and reach the park directly. The distance is 36.2 km, so the trip would take about 36 minutes or less.

For those coming by train, their destination is Jakarta Kota Train Station. Next, after reaching the location, they can use a land transportation service and head to the park right away. The best route to take is Jakarta Inner Ring Road and the distance is 16.2 km. Thus, the trip may take about 22 minutes at least.

For those coming by bus, they should head to Grogol Bus Station first. Later, they can use Letjend Suprapto Street and head to the park immediately. The distance is 14.6 km, so this trip may take around 24 minutes or more depending on the traffic.

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  • Sleepz Inn
  • Zen Home
  • Green East Hostel

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