Glodok Chinatown in Jakarta City, DKI Province

In big cities, it is likely a Chinatown has become a common area to find, isn’t it? Well, Jakarta City is not an exception. It has Glodok Chinatown, which is located in Tamansari Sub-District. As the name suggests, it is located in Glodok Village! It is true that the area has a gloom history regarding the Chinese massacre back then. However, the site turns more beautiful as time went by. These days, it has become a popular area, especially for traders and tourists. The most crowded time is definitely during the Chinese’s New Year or Imlek. Thus, tourists must visit it at that time for the sake of a merrier atmosphere.

The Nuance
As people may expect, they may see some buildings and ornaments that represent Chinese culture in Glodok Chinatown. The most noticeable one perhaps is the big red gate! It looks like just the same as that of China. In terms of nuance, the area is indeed crowded due to the presence of locals, traders, food vendors, and tourists. Once again, it would be more crowded during Imlek or other Chinese special events. One thing, the traffic becomes higher and more crowded, as well. Thus, everyone should be careful when getting around in that area later.

Exploring Glodok Chinatown
Tourists have various reasons for visiting Glodok Chinatown. For instance, they want to watch and appreciate the available buildings there. It can be as simple as sightseeing, but tourists usually take some photos too during exploration. Aside from those buildings, other interesting objects are available and become a great background for photography. These include the giant red gate and other places like Chinese ornaments.

The next common tourist activity to do in Glodok Chinatown is related to shopping. In this case, tourists only need to find good stores and carry enough cash to buy some items. They can buy those products both from traditional vendors or modern stores, in fact. One thing, the price varies, so tourists must be able to bargain in order to get the cheapest price. As for the objects, these include traditional medicines, China knick-knacks, oriental vegetables, DVDs, toys, accessories, and much more!

After shopping, tourists usually come to Glodok Chinatown in order to enjoy a culinary adventure. It is because they can find lots of oriental eateries that provide snacks, foods, and other dishes related to China. However, Muslims should be attentive in choosing the eateries. It is because most of those places sell non-halal foods.

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How to Get There
The best way to get to Jakarta City is by airplane and the destination would be Soekarno – Hatta International Airport. After arriving at the airport, later, tourists can simply take Sedyatmo Highway and head to Glodok Chinatown directly. The distance is 21.6 km, so the trip may take about 23 minutes at least.

Tourists can also reach Jakarta City by train! In this case, their checkpoint would be Jakarta Kota Train Station. Next, from the station, tourists can use Pintu Besar Selatan Street and head to Glodok Chinatown right away. The distance is 21.6 km, so the trip would take about 23 minutes or more depending on the traffic.

For those coming by bus, they should reach Grogol Bus Station first. Later, from the terminal, they should take Hasyim Ashari and Gajah Mada Street in order to reach Glodok Chinatown. Have no worries. The distance is 5.8 km, so the trip may take about 9 minutes.

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