Ayodya Park in Jakarta City, DKI Province

When exploring Jakarta City, tourists must not forget to come to Ayodya Park, which is located in Kramat Pela Village of Kebayoran Baru Sub-District. This park has become one of the best locations to eradicate stresses and enjoy a family recreation. Even though the location is in the midst of the city, the park offers a pollution-less area and refreshing air! Not to mention the landscape is beautiful enough in order to impress everyone. What is more? Visitors are able to learn history regarding the park later! Overall, it would be a waste if tourists miss the chance to drop by there.

The Nuance
Tourists would be astonished once they have arrived in Ayodya Park. The first reason is definitely the comfy nuance. The park features both big and small trees. Thus, the ambiance feels both shady and refreshing. Still, the best feature is the presence of man-made lake located in the middle of the park. The color of the water is green and it becomes the home of tons of small fishes. The good news is that tourists are allowed to feed those fishes directly! Next, the park comes with some ornaments or decorations, which are perfect as the background for photography.

Exploring Ayodya Park
Ayodya Park is a great place to enjoy a relaxation or family recreation. It indeed has distinct allures as compared to other parks in Jakarta City. The first allure would be the free entrance. That means both locals and tourists are allowed to get in the park without paying any fee. For the information, the park resides on an area of about 7500 meters per square. That means it is able to accommodate lots of visitors regardless of the time.

As for tourist activities, most people come to Ayodya Park in order to enjoy family recreation. They usually come in the best times, which are in the morning and afternoon. As for the most crowded time, it would be on weekends! Some of them conduct casual activities like jogging and relaxation in the park. As for others, they spend a peaceful time by the lake! As mentioned before, it is because the park features a stunning man-made lake, having a size of about 1500 meters per square.

When it comes to facilities, Ayodya Park has lots of free facilities including free wireless fidelity connection! This explains why many visitors carry either a smartphone or laptop to the park. They want to browse the internet freely while enjoying the nuance, after all. As an alternative, tourists can simply sit by the lake while reading books! What a peaceful activity!

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How to Get There
It is easy to get to Ayodya Park, as long as tourists have arrived at Jakarta City. The fastest way to reach Jakarta is by airplane, actually. As for the destination, tourists can take Soekarno – Hatta International Airport first. Next, they can take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and reach the park directly. The distance is 32.5 km, so the trip may take at least about 42 minutes.

The next common method to reach Jakarta City is by train. In this case, tourists must head to Jakarta Kota Station first. The distance is 17.2 km, so the trip may take about 38 minutes or less. As for the rout, it is recommended to take Jakarta Inner Ring Road.

Another method to get to Jakarta City is by bus and the destination would be Grogol Bus Station. Once arriving at the terminal, tourists can simply take Jakarta Inner Ring Road and reach the park right away. The trip may take around 30 minutes or less depending on the traffic.

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