Monumen Nasional in Jakarta City, DKI Province

Outsiders and foreigners may wonder about what they can do in Jakarta City during a vacation. Well, the most recommended site to visit is none other than the National Monument. The locals call it Monas! This beautiful and majestic monument is located in Gambir Sub-District and belongs to Jakarta Pusat City. In terms of popularity, this symbolic landscape is even known among foreigners! It becomes a great object for photography and a place for hanging out, as well. Not to mention visitors can enjoy both historical and educative tourism. Plus, the location is quite strategic, which is near to Merdeka Palace and government offices!

The Nuance
National Monument or Monas offers distinct nuances depending on the time of the visit. For example, tourists can enjoy a refreshing ambiance in the morning. Not to mention many people are seen at the time, enjoy casual sports like jogging. At noon, most visitors would get in the monument instead. In the afternoon, people would gather on the field and enjoy hanging out with others. As for the night, the nuance becomes more soothing due to the sparkling lights of buildings. In terms of size, the height of the monument is about 134 meters. What about the design? It has the shape of an obelisk that resides on a bowl-like foundation. On top of the monument, a giant torch statue resides (which is made of gold)!

Exploring Monumen Nasional
The first interesting thing that tourists can enjoy when visiting the National Monument is related to history. They can simply talk to the locals or tourist guides who are seen on the site regarding the information. It is said the monument was built gradually (in three periods). In fact, during the rebellion of the communist party, the construction stopped. Fortunately, during the reign of the second president, the monument got its official inauguration. It was in 1975 and the site opened for public for the first time. At the time, the name was Lapangan Gambir, though.

Well, visitors can enjoy other things in National Monument aside from learning history. For example, they can simply hang out at the field with either friends or families. That spot is called Taman Monas, actually. It features a stunning neat green park and some comfy facilities. Even a jogging track and sports area are available there. What is more? Visitors usually enjoy photography during the exploration. They simply take photos of the monument and several attractive statues that reside in some spots.

For those coming at night, they can even enjoy a more beautiful atmosphere in National Monument. Thanks to the presence of a sparkling dancing fountain. Usually, this water attraction occurs at weekend nights. On the other hand, those who come at noon can get in the monument and explore some interesting places like Sejarah Nasional Museum, Ruang Kemerdekaan, and many others.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Well, tourists can reach Jakarta City by taking different types of transportation services. For instance, they can use an airplane and head to Soekarno – Hatta International Airport first. Once arriving at the airport, they can use a land transportation service and head to National Monument directly. The best route to take is Prof. Sedyatmo Highway and the distance is 29 km. Thus, the trip may take around 36 minutes or less

For those who come with a train, in this case, they should head to Jakarta Kota Train Station first. Next, from the station, they can simply take Hayam Wuruk Street and head to the monument right away. This time, the trip would take about 12 minutes, as the distance is 4.7 km.

Another common transportation choice is by bus. In this case, tourists need to head to Grogol Bus Station first before heading to the monument. Later, from the bus station, they can use Kyai Tapa and KH. Hasyim Ashari and head to Monas. The distance is 5.2 km, so this trip may take about 12 minutes, at least.

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  • Rail Hotel
  • Borobudur Hotel
  • Citi M Hotel

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