Tokong Nanas Island

Tokong Nanas island is one of the outermost island in Indonesian that located in Natuna islands and part of South China ocean that bordered with Malaysia. Administratively, this island is part of Natuna regency, Riau Archipelago.

This island is in big rock stacks formation in the middle of the sea, which there is a lighthouse above the island. Tokong Nanas is uninhabited island, because it’s not capable to be stayed. The word Tokongnanas, was taken from the situation at the ancient times, where there were bushes of Pineapple tree around the island; Nanas means pineapple in Bahasa Indonesia.

How to get there :
To reach Tokong Nanas, can be start from Batam to Palmatak, a capital city of Matak Island, by using small plane, and continued by using speed boat for about 5 hours drive. The island is a pile of large firm stones arranged. It has the type of rocky shore waters around the island, which have 2-5 meters depth and greater depth far from the island is about 8-10 feet.

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