Nagoya Complex Shopping Center

If you like shopping trips, Batam is the right destination to visit. Here you can visit the shopping complex at Nagoya Super Block in Batam, Riau Islands Province. This Mall offers products in several modern shopping centers.

In a pedestrian area, there are 450 kiosks and 170 shops with a Hypermarket on Nagoya Hill. Nagoya area is located on Jalan Sudirman and Yos Sudarso, Jodh sub-district, Batam, Indonesia. The city walk area is located in inside mall, but designed with ample room to look like a "mini city". In this area, visitors can also enjoy live musical entertainment.

The visitors can walk the street, enjoying the food at various restaurants and shopping without having to worry about the heat or rain because these streets have a city that is built similar to like one in Singapore.

This spacious area has many shops, restaurants, stalls, cafes, malls and others. The super blocks are joined with offices, business centers, and residences including apartments and condominiums. Shopping desires can be fulfilled here, because visitors can buy a variety of goods including electronics, clothing and foods. In addition, visitors can also taste the culinary, for there are a lot of restaurants that sells fast food, Chinese cuisine, pecking duck, steak, pizza and more.

How to get there :
To reach this place is easy, because it is located in the center of Batam, which is the economic center of Riau Islands Province.

Hang Nadim Airport
You can take a flight to Hang Nadim International Airport and continue with your own car or renting a car can be by taxi to this area. The trip to Nagoya will take about 15 minutes.

Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal
If you are from Singapore then it can enter through the International Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal. The Ferry Terminal is the closest to Nagoya. Just need a 5 minutes drive to reach the city of Nagoya.

Sekupang Ferry Terminal
Sekupang is the oldest international ferry terminal on Batam. To get to Nagoya from Singapore you can also go through Sekupang. You need to drive about 30 minutes to get to Sekupang.

Batam Ferry Center Terminal
You can also go through Batam Ferry Center Terminal from Singapore or Malaysia (Johor Bahru). To achieve Nagoya takes about 30 minutes.

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