Bukit Senyum

Bukit Senyum or Smiling Hill, is a hilly area in Batam. At this hill, you can see the beauty of the city, especially at night. Uniquely, you also can see the planes coming and going from Changi airport, Singapore. In Bukit senyum, you will find different kind of place to hang out and enjoy the view. The best time to come to this hill is in New Year eve, because you can clearly see the glitter of the fireworks from the top of the hill.

Bukit Senyum on Batam Island becomes one of favorites destinations for tourists. we can see the sights of Singapore with the city lights that twinkle sparkling like stars. From the top of this hill, you can see the buildings in Singapore and the ships passing to and from Singapore.

If the evening had come, a more spectacular view of the lights from buildings in Singapore will add the exotic scenery in Bukit Senyum while sitting on the grass or also line up sitting on the bench that had been prepared by local merchants.

In the area of Bukit Senyum, you can choose to hang out at several places in the area, including The Peak Pujasera, Padang Pusako restaurant, Sumedang tofu stall, and Sofonta Cafe. Take the most comfortable position to enjoy the view to Singapore city while chit chat with your friends or your love one.

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