Batu Limau Beach in Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province

Spending a vacation in Riau Islands Province would give a nice experience to everyone, especially those who love to explore nature. Visiting exotic beaches indeed becomes a prime purpose for visiting the region. In Karimun Regency, for instance, there is Batu Limau Beach. The location is at Batu Limau Village and it belongs to Kundur Sub-District (Kundur Island). Unlike regular beaches, this one has a special feature that makes it unique. What is it? An uncommon stone resides there, which looks like human’s genital. No wonder, lots of tourists visit the site in order to take photos and conduct sightseeing.

The Nuance
Even though Batu Limau Beach doesn’t feature a pristine or pure shore, it has its own unique allure. It is true that the shoreline is not as beautiful as other beaches, as well. With these weaknesses, the beach sounds uninteresting no? Have no worries. As mention earlier, the beach has a special allure for tourists to enjoy during the visit. That stone, in fact, keeps luring tourists and outsiders over time. It is because people are interested to see it directly and take photos of the stone during the visit.

Exploring Batu Limau Beach
The first thing to enjoy when visiting Batu Limau Beach is the trip itself. Tourists can enjoy it, as they can see various landscapes and objects when heading to the location. After arriving at Alai Village, they can simply use a motorcycle taxi and head to the beach directly. Along the way, they may see beautiful and shady trees! The air feels so fresh, as well! Next, after arriving at the beach, they can start exploring the site. The purpose is indeed to reach the site where Limau Stone resides.

It is true that the most common reason for visiting Batu Limau Beach is for watching and taking photos of the stone. Some people consider it similar to Limau fruit while others consider it looks like a human’s genital, instead. Despite the difference, tourists have the same purpose, which is to take photos of it. Have no worries. Everyone can conduct photography freely on the site. Well, here is a fact. The beach has more than one unique stones! Their shape is different, as well. Thus, tourists should explore the beach thoroughly in order to take photos of all those stones.

The next thing that tourists can enjoy in Batu Limau Beach is none other than the history or urban legend. In order to obtain the information, however, tourists should talk to villagers or local guide later. It is said there was a king who wanted to marry a beautiful girl back then. However, his messenger betrayed him and took the girl. Blinded by his rage, he turned all people who live in the village into stones!

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How to Get There
The first destination is indeed Batam City and tourists can get there fast by airplane. Here is an example. A flight from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport) to Hang Nadim Airport would take around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, from Hang Nadim Airport, they must head to a local port in order to get a boat service. The destination is none other than Kundur Island. Actually, they must pass through Bulan and Sugi Island first.

Where to Stay

  • Wisma Horizon
  • Pelangi Hotel

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