Subi Kecil Island

Subi Kecil or Small Subi island is included in the cluster of South Natuna Island. The island is quite wide with white sand and rocks on the edge of the beach. Most of the land is planted with oil by island residents who inhabit the island.

Administratively, the island is located in the District of Subi, Natuna regency, Riau Islands Province. In this island there is a sub-district Subi. Small Subi Island is located in the Natuna Sea and borders with neighboring countries, Malaysia.

Topographically, Small Subi Island is flat, either on the edge of the island and in the middle of the island, with white sandy beaches and rocky. The height of the land is reaching 1-3 meters above sea level. On the other side of the island covered with a fairly dense mangrove. While, the surrounding waters having a depth of 1-5 meters.

The island is fairly dense vegetation where the dominant crops are coconuts. On the sidelines of coconut growing shrubs and grasses. Coconut is the island’s main commodity is used as the main livelihood activities other than fishing.

How to get there :
To reach to Small Subi island is quite difficult because there was no boat or ship to the island regularly. The island is accessible by boat or boat fishing from the Penagi Port, Ranai, which can be reach about 15 hours by boat or ship engines with an average speed of 2-3 knots.

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