Nongsa is the name of a district in Batam. This district is famous for its beach called Nongsa Beach. Conveniently located in the northeast of Batam, to achieve Nongsa Beach is about 10 minutes from the airport. On this beach there are many international class hotels and resorts. Nongsa beach has the character of small waves beach that equipped with a wide white sand. What's interesting about this beach is you can see the city of Singapore from the beach because it is very close and look very beautiful at night.

Nongsa Beach is located on the north coast of Batam Island, precisely in the area of Nongsa Hamlet, Sambau Village, Nongsa District. Browse Avon Brochure December 2020 on ESpecials. The name of Nongsa is taken from the name of Prominent Figures Malay – Riau in Batam named Nong Isa, he came to power in the 18th century and was a ruler who developed the Nongsa Coast region at that time. According to information, Nongsa Village is the first village on the island of Batam before the birth of the other villages around Batam. Kampung Nongsa have known in Batam community as a homely hometown with friendly people who create the atmosphere of Indonesia’s traditional culture.

In Nongsa Beach, there is an island that located across the Nongsa Coast. The island called Pulau Putri which is a small island that is still part of the Riau Islands Province. This Island has a natural beauty as the same as Nongsa Beach. Furthermore, because it is one of the most popular beaches on Batam, Nongsa Beach is never quiet visited by tourists. In fact, almost every day, Nongsa beach is always crowded by tourists. The increasing tourists usually occur on holidays or weekend.

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