Lancang Kuning Beach in Galang Island, Riau Islands Province

Riau Islands is famous among tourists due to its amazing islands and beaches indeed. In Galang Island, for example, there is a stunning beach called Lancang Kuning. Aside from the beauty, the beach is also known for its interesting history! Thus, visitors can get lots of benefits for visiting the beach regardless of their purpose. In terms of name, “Lancang” means the local traditional boat while “Kuning” means yellow. Another reason for visiting the beach is definitely the serenity. That means visitors are able to enjoy relaxation and lessening there! Somehow, the beach is suitable for beach walking, too! Thanks to the long shoreline.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Lancang Kuning Beach has a long shoreline. This is why visitors can enjoy exploration and beach walking to their heart’s content. Moreover, the texture of the beach is quite soft! It won’t hurt even though walking barefoot on it, therefore. The next feature is the presence of Saung or traditional building, built by the shore. Tourists are allowed to use the building and enjoy relaxation there, in fact. What is more? Visitors would be impressed by the calm sea and its small waves. Thus, the beach is suitable for swimming and water sports.

Exploring Lancang Kuning Beach
The first thing to enjoy in Lancang Kuning Beach is the sea panorama. The shore looks quite calm and astonishing! In order to get the best nuance and atmosphere, however, tourists must come either during sunrise or sunset. The sun looks the best at those times, without a doubt. Aside from sightseeing, it is recommended to conduct photography there. Tourists can simply take photos of the sea and other available objects including “Saung”, other visitors, and much more!

Next, it is recommended to conduct beach walking when visiting Lancang Kuning Beach. The purpose is to feel the soft-textured sandy shoreline and enjoy the breezy ambiance of the beach at once. Once again, it must be done either in the morning or afternoon. The purpose is to get a better nuance and more refreshing air! Not to mention the nuance becomes more romantic at dusk due to the presence of the sunset. Beach walking becomes more comfortable at the time, therefore.

The next thing that tourists can do in Lancang Kuning Beach is related to history. According to the locals, the beach got the name based on a mysterious event in the past. It is said a Lancang disappeared suddenly in that area. Due to this mystery, some people even consider the beach sacred and mystical! What is more? Some people also come to the beach for fishing and approaching a small island, located nearby. Many things can be done there, no?

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How to Get There
From Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at Jakarta City, tourists only need to take an airplane and head to Batam City right away. A flight to Hang Nadim Airport would take about 1 hour and 35 minutes, actually. Next, from Batam City, they need to get a local boat service at a nearby port. The destination is none other than Galang Island where the beach is located. This voyage would take hours, though.

Where to Stay

  • SBS Resort
  • Morele Kelong Resort

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