Tanjung Uma, Beach Tourism Around Batam

In the are of Tanjung Uma, many houses were built on stilts with wooden poles. Because the position of this village is on two headlands, namely Tanjung Lepu and Tanjung Kubur, the local people named the village as Tanjung Uma. Another opinion states that the word uma comes from the English phrase from the word home. What was spoken by the people first was (h)ome, then it became ume and then changed to Tanjung Ume or Tanjung Uma.

For seafood lovers, the variety of fish sold at Tanjung Uma is the main attraction. Various seafood is available here. There are various types of fish, snails, shellfish, crabs, cuttlefish and prawns, served temptingly at the tables that became the stalls of the traders. The fish were offered to be grilled. And the average fish is large. such as stingrays, blackjack fish, taci fish, pomfret fish, baronang fish, and grouper fish. Not only fish, large cuttlefish are also grilled by means of skewers. Otak-otak and fish roe are also grilled in coconut leaf wrappers. In addition to a variety of fish and cuttlefish, Batam residents really like crabs, crabs, barking, and kapis.

Source: https://direktoripariwisata.id/unit/653

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