Penjalin Island

Penjalin Island is settled in Anambas Islands, Riau Islands province. Even it is not as popular as brother Island, Bintan, but the natural beauty will amaze those who visit this island. Penjalin Island has clear sea water with turquoise color that make your eyes feel fresh to see it. The white sand os stretches along the coast, with delicate and very soft sand like flour. The texture of the beach is has curved shape that is similar to a bay.

For people who have never been to Penjalin often fooled when they see it in a photograph. They thought that this beautiful island is located in Thailand which is known also by the beauty of marine travel. However, the presumption will be rejected when seeing a pile of granite rocks which are very typical. The variety of granite rocks on display at several angles in the edge of the beach. In fact, the piles are high enough to be climbed like doing Climbing Wall.

If you want to visit Penjalin Island you can reach via Batam. From Batam you should stop first at Tarempa city. Tarempa is the capital of Anambas that located on the main island named Siantan. It takes 1.5 hours by plane from Batam to Tarempa. Then from Tarempa you must continue the journey to Penjalin Island by speedboat. There is currently no public transportation operating there. But you can rent a speedboat with a capacity ranging from 5, 15 to 20 people. Browse Avon Brochure December 2020 on ESpecials. The rental price depends on agreement with the owner of the vessel and it takes 1.5 hours. Beside taking plane from Batam, you can use the fast ferry sea transport. But you need to go Tanjungpinang first.

From Tanjungpinang the ferry will headed straight to Tarempa for 9 hours. The fare is about Rp. 300 thousand for a one-way trip. Then from Tarempa you just continue the journey towards Penjalin Island. You can also use Pelni towards Tarempa. This is perfect for those who like adventure Backpacker style. From Tanjungpinang towards Tarempa, the ship will sail for 24 hours. The fare is only Rp. 150 thousand for a one-way trip. But if you use your Pelni, you can return back to Tanjungpinang in one week later in accordance with the existing timetable.

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