Neraja Waterfall in Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands Province

When it comes to natural attractions, Riau Islands Province has tons of them, including waterfalls. For instance, tourists should visit Anambas Islands Regency and visit the famous Neraja Waterfall. The exact location is at Ulu Maras Village in East Jemaja Sub-District. Well, tourists only need to get to Jemaja Island first and head to the location right away. Here is a fact. This waterfall has similar popularity to that of Temburun Waterfall! This explains lots of outsiders have recognized both the location and its tourism potential. So, what makes it different than other waterfalls?

The Nuance
Even though the location is in a secluded area (in the midst of a forest), the nuance is considered merry due to the presence of many visitors. Thanks to the popularity. One thing, the waterfall is short and it comes with a sloping landscape. It has several levels, though, and all of the water discharges go directly to three natural ponds located below it. For the information, these ponds have a different depth, so tourists can choose one for bathing based on their preferences later.

Exploring Neraja Waterfall
Before visiting Neraja Waterfall, tourists should drop by in the nearby village first. Well, the purpose is indeed to meet villagers and learn more information regarding the waterfall. For instance, it is about the name. According to the locals, “Neraja” means a strong flow of water. Despite the name, the waterfall doesn’t come with strong water discharge, though. Instead, it flows beautifully and suitable for playing water. The location is in a hilly area, as well. Thus, from the village, tourists should conduct trekking in order to reach the site.

After passing through lush tropical trees and local forest, tourists would arrive at Neraja Waterfall right away. Before that, it is recommended to buy watermelons sold by villagers in the village! So, what can people do once they arrive at the location? Well, it is likely tourists won’t spend more than one day there. It is because the site doesn’t have facilities, at all. Even the toilets are not available there. As for tourist activities, it can be as simple as relaxation and sightseeing.

In the past, several buildings were available near Neraja Waterfall. However, the local government demolished these due to the legal issue. Thus, tourists can only see the waterfall and its pristine environment on the location. That means the site is suitable for relaxation either. Another good thing is that everyone can enter the site freely! It is even allowed to take a bath in the natural pond later.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The first destination is Batam City and tourists can get there fast by airplane. From Jakarta City, for example, they can take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Hang Nadim Airport at Batam City. This flight usually takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, they should reach the local port and get a boat service there. The destination is definitely Jemaja Island where the waterfall is located. One thing, the voyage may take much time!

Where to Stay

  • Sri Lakang Inn

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