Dangkong Dance in Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands Province

It is common knowledge that the Riau Islands Province is known for its beautiful archipelago. Tourists, however, also visit it for other reasons. For instance, they want to see numerous traditional performances done by the locals. As for the reference, there is Dangkong Dance. In terms of name, it derives from the sounds produced by the musical instruments during the performance. In terms of function, the dance is usually performed during local weddings and big events. These days, though, the locals also perform it as entertainment! Also, the dance, somehow, is able to lure tourists or those who come from other regions.

The Nuance
As for the nuance, Dangkong Dance indeed offers a beautiful and soothing atmosphere. The dancers move in a beautiful manner and it features relaxing accompaniment. For the information, the dance is accompanied by Gong, Gendang, and violin. It also features short songs! Actually, there is no special rule in performing the dance. For instance, it can be done anywhere and regardless of the time. Still, according to the locals, they would perform it all-night. Also, the dance consists of both male and female dancers.

Exploring Dangkong Dance
It is likely all tourists would be astonished by Dangkong Dance. It is because the performance combines music, dance, and buffoonery! It appears both entertaining and beautiful, therefore. As for the occasion, the dance usually occurs during special events like Lingga Recycle Carnival. In order to watch the dance, therefore, tourists should come at the right time. As for the nuance, it can be either formal or informal depending on the occasion. For a merrier nuance, in this case, tourists can come during local weddings.

Dangkong is considered a traditional dance, but the audience consists of both local and modern people. It is because the dance is quite entertaining and suits everyone regardless of age and background. During the performance, the dancers would show both cheerfulness and beauty. Actually, there are three prime points in performance. They are the musicians, Anak Joget, and Mak Joget. The good news is that the audience is allowed to dance together and enjoy a more fun atmosphere.

Aside from watching the performance, tourists are allowed to take photos. After that, they can also approach dancers and take photos with them. For lucky tourists, they can even learn how to dance properly later. In this case, they should only watch the informal Dangkong Dance. The purpose is to get fewer restrictions and to approach dancers easier.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta City, they can take advantage of an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Hang Nadim Airport in Batam City directly. For the information, this flight usually takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, from Batam, they can get a boat service at a local port. The destination is Tanjung Pinang City at Bintan Island, for sure. Later, after arriving at the destination, they can ask the locals where the dance is usually performed.

Where to Stay

  • Fajar Guesthouse
  • Airy Hotel
  • Bintan Plaza Hotel

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