Air Dagang Beach in Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province

Riau Islands Province consists of many beautiful regions including Karimun Regency. Each of the regions even has mesmerizing beaches and other natural attractions. Well, for those visiting Karimun Regency, they should drop by at Air Dagang Beach, in this case. This new vacation spot starts getting better popularity these days. One of the reasons is the location, which resides in the famous Karimun Regency. Both the nuance and environment are also impressive, so the beach is suitable for both relaxation and spending family recreation. Some tourists also take advantage of the serenity to get rid of stresses, actually.

The Nuance
The first impression once arriving at Air Dagang Beach is indeed the serenity. Despite its popularity, the beach has a peaceful ambiance, which is suitable for relaxation and finding peace! Next, it features a curvy white sandy shoreline. The landscape is considered soft and sloping, but some chunks of rocks and coral reefs are seen on some parts of the beach. The next feature to notice is the presence of coconut trees and shady plants that reside in the back of the shoreline. These trees indeed create a comfy and soothing atmosphere to the site.

Exploring Air Dagang Beach
Even though the local government hasn’t given a significant improvement to Air Dagang Beach, the site won’t bore visitors. It is because tourists would take advantage of the serenity to enjoy relaxation despite the absence of facilities. Some others would explore the shoreline and enjoy beach walking instead. They want to feel the soft-textured sandy landscape and see all available interesting objects during exploration. As mentioned before, the beach has many big rocks and coral reefs! Not to mention some mangrove trees beautify that area.

Aside from relaxation and exploration, visitors usually enjoy photography when spending some time at Air Dagang Beach. They take photos of the sea, coral reefs, and other mesmerizing objects there. Sometimes, in fact, several local fishermen and their boats are seen on the shore. They indeed become a nice object for photography. As an alternative, tourists should take selfies in front of the shore or sun views (sunrise or sunset)! This must be done at the right time, though.

What is next? Those who visit Air Dagang Beach should not forget to approach local fishermen either for gathering information regarding fishing or buy some fresh fishes. It is even possible to ride a boat with the concern of the owner. Later, in the afternoon, they can conduct fishing with nearby locals and catch some fishes directly on the shore! What a great way to spend a vacation!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta City, they can directly head to Batam City by airplane. For the information, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Hang Nadim Airport would take around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, from Batam, they can use a boat at a local port in order to reach Sugibawah Island where the beach is located. They would pass through Bulan and Tjombol Island, though. No wonder, this voyage may take some time.

Where to Stay

  • Telunas Private Island Resort

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