Mendu Performance in Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands Province

Even though modern culture has been increasing significantly, people who live in the Riau Islands keep retaining their traditions. This explains why tourists can still watch an interesting performance called Mendu there. This rare tradition is originated from the Malay Tribe, actually. However, it has been adopted by the locals who live in Riau Archipelago. In terms of tourism, Mendu has become one of the most recommended local performances to watch while visiting the region. However, tourists should be patient in waiting for the schedule. It is because this theatrical performance is rarely done.

The Nuance
As for the nuance, Mendu Performance offers a calm and beautiful atmosphere. The audience is a many, though. It is because Mendu is done during the wedding and other special local events like Sunatan. In the past, it was only performed in the palace. As time went by, fortunately, it has become a regular entertainment among the locals. Not to mention it is able to lure tourists and outsiders. Still, the performance is mostly done indoors or inside a building (on a stage). Plus, the performers would wear traditional attires of the Malay Tribe.

Exploring Mendu Performance
In a nutshell, Mendu is a theatrical performance, which applies classic Malay literature called Dewa Mendu. It is a story of a God who came down to the Earth and dwelled with the mortals before going back to the sky. The performance shows numerous interesting allures, as well! These include songs, dance, and theatrical moves. In Natuna Islands of Riau Archipelago, in fact, it features Silat and drama, as well. This version is indeed more attractive than the regular ones.

While watching Mendu, tourists may see a beautiful opening, too. It is none other than Beladun Dance and other traditional dances. For the information, the performance would last hours, so tourists must come in good stamina. Aside from watching, the audience can also use their cameras and take photos! After all, both the dancers and their moves are worth photo shots! Also, photography can be done freely! This is why all tourists must not forget to carry a camera when watching the performance later.

Another thing that makes Mendu popular is definitely the story. The performers would do it without any scripts. No wonder, only experts are allowed to perform it. What is more? It also features accompaniment and traditional musical instruments like violin, gendang, gong, beduk, and kaleng. What an astonishing performance!

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How to Get There
In order to watch Mendu Performance, tourists need to come to Tanjung Pinang City. First, they can take an airplane and head to Batam City first. Here is an example. A flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport in Jakarta City to Hang Nadim Airport would take about 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, after arriving at Batam, they should head to a local port in order to get a boat service. The destination is definitely Bintan Island. Next, they can hire a local guide and find the location where the performance is usually done.

Where to Stay

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  • Fajar Guesthouse
  • Bintan Plaza Hotel

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