Lubuk Beach in Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province

In Karimun Regency of Riau Islands Province, tourists would find an interesting beach called Lubuk Cinta. It has become one of the best beaches in Karimun Regency, in fact. The exact location is at Lubuk Village of Kundur Sub-District. The prime allure is definitely the beauty. Thus, the beach is suitable for sightseeing and photography. The presence of food vendors also makes the beach more popular among tourists. Thus, visitors can buy foods while exploring the shoreline. Here is another fact. Many local miners live in that area, so tourists can approach these people and watch the activity directly.

The Nuance
Once reaching Lubuk Beach, tourists would see a serene shore directly. The beauty is indeed awesome, especially during good weather. The most noticeable feature, perhaps, is the long shoreline with its light-brown sandy landscape. The shape of the shoreline is curvy and it has a length of about 2 km. Next, lots of coconut trees grow neatly behind the shoreline. At the end or tips of the shoreline, tourists would find big chunks of coral reefs and stones, as well. They look majestic and exotic!

Exploring Lubuk Beach
As for tourist activities, visitors are likely to conduct photography in Lubuk Cinta Beach. They would explore all parts of the shoreline and take photos of attractive objects including coral reefs and coconut trees. During the high tide, big waves would hit those stones, too. Somehow, it creates a stunning background for photography. Moreover, tourists are allowed to climb those stones, but they must do it during the low tide instead. For the information, the biggest stone is located at the tip of the shoreline. Thus, everyone should spend some time to reach the site.

Beach walking is also recommended, as Lubuk Beach has a long shoreline. As mentioned before, the length is about 2 km, so everyone can explore the site comfortably without worrying about the crowd. During exploration, they may find some food vendors and traditional eateries that operate along the shoreline either. Thus, it is recommended to carry some money to buy foods during the visit later. Seafood is the most common menu that tourists can find there, actually.

Another available facility that tourists can find in Lubuk Beach is the presence of gazebos. The good news is that everyone can use it freely! That means tourists can relax comfortably on the gazebo while watching sea scenery ahead. It is even possible to eat some foods and snacks in that spot. The most favorite foods are Otak-Otak and grilled shrimps! Don’t forget to try these! Later, before going home, tourists must meet local miners who work at a nearby mine site. They collect various natural resources like sea sand, granites, and tins!

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How to Get There
From Soekarno – Hatta International Airport in Jakarta City, tourists can take an airplane and head to Batam City directly. This direct flight may take around 1 hour and 35 minutes, actually. Next, after arriving at Hang Nadim Airport, they can use a boat service at the local port and head to Kundur Island where the beach is located. One thing, this voyage may pass through Bulan and Sugi Island, so it would be a long trip.

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  • Alibaba Hotel
  • Indah Inn
  • Horison Hotel

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