Timun Beach in Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province

It is likely tourists would take much time in order to visit all beaches that reside in Riau Islands Province. It is because they would find many of them, including the one called Timun Beach. This one is located in Karimun Regency and offers both serenity and beauty to visitors. Actually, the exact location is at Gemuruh Village of West Kundur Sub-District. The location is not far from Sawang main road, so everyone can access the beach easily. Not to mention the road is both comfy and nice. In fact, big vehicles like buses can get there without hassles.

The Nuance
The first thing to discuss would be the nuance itself. Once arriving at Timun Beach, tourists would see a medium-sized shoreline. The texture is not quite soft due to the presence of branches and some gravel, though. Despite the fact, the shoreline is good enough for beach walking and exploration, as long as tourists wear comfy footwear. As for beauty, it represents other beaches that reside in Karimun Regency. That means visitors would find many coconut trees and some gazebos on the site. One thing, the location features two shorelines! The locals call them Timun 1 and Timun 2 Beach. Have no worries. They are located close to each other.

Exploring Timun Beach
As for common thing to do in Timun Beach, visitors usually enjoy the exploration. They want to see all parts of the beach, after all. For instance, the shoreline has a sloping landscape and wide sandy area. Next, even though the sea is not crystal clear, it is comfy enough for swimming and playing water. For those who can’t swim, in this case, they can simply relax and sit under shady trees! It is because tens of tall coconut trees grow neatly in that location!

What is more? Timun Beach has a special feature, which is the presence of two small islands that reside nearby. These are called Timun Darat and Timun Laut Island! Moreover, tourists can see them clearly from the shoreline. They can even get to these islands by renting a boat later. As an alternative, visitors should reach available gazebos and enjoy relaxation on it. Some beach benches are even available in that area! Tourists are allowed to conduct photography freely, too, during the visit.

Here is another important tip. For a more peaceful ambiance, it is recommended to visit Timun Beach during regular days or working days. It is because the beach becomes crowded during holidays or weekends. Also, tourists must explore both beaches (Timun 1 and Timun 2 Beach) in order to get the best experience. For those carrying enough cash, they can even rent a room at nearby inns. The purpose is to spend more than one day for a complete exploration and better vacation experience!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
First, tourists should get to Batam City by airplane (especially for outsiders). For instance, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at Jakarta City to Hang Nadim Airport may take around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Later, once tourists arrive at Batam, they must get to a local port and ride a boat to Kundur Island. This voyage is considered long though, as they need to pass through Bulan and Sugi Island before reaching Kundur.

Where to Stay

  • Asia Guesthouse

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