Batu Merah Seafood (Indonesian food) Batu Merah, Batam Island Phone: (0778) 468610  
Indonesia Delight

Jl. R. E. Martadinata, Sekupang Phone: (0778) 321276
King Prawn Restaurant

Jl. Pembangunan II,
Komp. Batama
Phone: (0778) 467920

Shangri-La Food Restaurant
Jl. RE. Martadinata, Sekupang
Phone: (0778) 321276

King's International
Jl. Lubuk Baja 1/10 Nagoya
Phone : (0778) 468706

Jl. Raja Ali Haji
Phone: (0778) 468707

Tunas Baru (Chinese food)
Lubuk Baja Blok E/42, Batam
Phone: 68498



Fast food Indonesia
Teuku Umar Street 88
Phone: (0771) 318185

Gerai Selera Rasa Restaurant
Tugu Pahlawan Street 217
Phone: (0771) 22379

Kelong Sangrila Restaurant
Sei Jang Street
Phone: (0771) 312838

Adem Ayem Restaurant
Sukarno Hatta Street 3
Phone: (0771) 317559

Bali Restaurant
Jend Basuki Rahmat Street 2
Phone: (0771) 317295

CGA Restaurant
Pemuda Street 1
Phone: (0771) 316761



Tanjung Balai Karimun
Golden Lion Restaurant
Nusantara Street
Phone: (0777) 31331

Lai Xing Restaurant
Pegadaian Street
Phone: (0777) 22288

Cippes Restaurant
Pramuka Street
Phone: (0777) 328288

Do & Me Fried Chicken
Nusantara Street 48
Phone: (0777) 324045

Brother One Restaurant
Trikora Street 19
Phone: (0777) 324313

Empat Lima Restaurant
Baru Meral Market
Phone: (0777) 328165

Moro Jaya Restaurant
Kampung Tgh Street
Phone: (0777) 511254

Elok Saiyo Restaurant
Ksatria Street 2
Phone: (0777) 324132

178 Restaurant
Trikora Street
Phone: (0777) 31478

Aur Duri Restaurant
Dr Setiabudi Street
Phone: (0777) 323825

Batang Imang Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street
Phone: (0777) 326622

Bengawan Solo Restaurant
Dr Setiabudi Street
Phone: (0777) 31469

Moeslim Food
Nusantara Street 50
Phone: (0777) 21403


Bakso Bina Ria
Permaisuri Street
Phone: (0771) 81462

Ibu Padang
Tamansari Street
Phone: (0771) 82353

Niki Mawon & Karaoke Restaurant
RE Martadinata Street
Phone: (0771) 482490

Minang Jaya
Merdeka Street
Phone: (0771) 81203

Latest News

Complete Your Traveling at Mepar Island, Lingga

Riau Islands Tourism Your visit to Lingga Regency seem no complete without traveling to island of Mepar. Located precisely in front of the Tanjung Buton Port, the island is not only beautiful but also rich in history. Its friendly peoples and strongly maintained its tradition is the additional bonus that you would find if you visit there. Do not forget, taste their typical culinary and also carry a variety of native crafts as a souvenir. Administratively, Mepar island is part of the Lingga District, which has approximately, 5000 m2 wide,…

Tanjung Uban, Bintan – Riau Island

Tanjung Uban Tanjung Uban is a town districts in Bintan, Riau Islands Province. The city is also included in Bintan Island which has a sea port for expedition ships and pioneer passenger ships belonging to PT. Pelni. Kota Tanjung Uban is also the access to Batam Island and Singapore. In Tanjung Uban lies an BIIE industrial area in Lobam and BRC tourist areas in Lagoi. Before 1963, the community of Tanjung Uban use Singapore dollars in transactions, as well as residents of other Riau Islands. Rupiah Riau Islands (KR) becomes…

Lagoi Beach, Bintan – Riau Islands

Lagoi beach is located in North Bintan sub-district, Bintan, Riau Islands province. This beach is majestically beautiful and have the same value as other beaches in Bali or Lombok. By the beauty inside the beach, there are foreigners coming along to enjoy the beach, especially for those who come from Singapore. It only takes 45 Km between Lagoi beach and Singapore, and that makes the Singaporean come to the beach often. Lagoi beach offers the magnificent nature beauty. Coconut trees, white sandy beach, the rolling waves and every detail nuance…

Tokong Nanas Island

Tokong Nanas Island Tokong Nanas island is one of the outermost island in Indonesian that located in Natuna islands and part of South China ocean that bordered with Malaysia. Administratively, this island is part of Natuna regency, Riau Archipelago. This island is in big rock stacks formation in the middle of the sea, which there is a lighthouse above the island. Tokong Nanas is uninhabited island, because it’s not capable to be stayed. The word Tokongnanas, was taken from the situation at the ancient times, where there were bushes of…

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