Marina Beach

Marina beach is one of the most famous resorts in Batam. Located in the western part of Batam Island, Marina beach is not only includes a tourist area, but also a place for the ferry docked. In addition to beautiful scenery, the beach is also has a green garden suitable for children's playground. At this location there are also many food vendors so you do not have to bring lunch from home. There are also hotel from the inexpensive to the top class for those who want to stay overnight. The admission price is a suitable place for family travel, which is about Rp. 6,000 for adults to Rp. 3,000 for children.

Marina beach offers the unique white sand and beautiful scenery. In some parts there is a palm-swaying trees, typical to tropical beach. In some parts of the Marina beach, there are parks that decorated in some ways to add the beauty of the beach. These parks are functioned as rest area and playground park, where there is swings, see-saw, sliding game and more. In addition to a playground, the park is also utilized as one of the objects for photographers capturing certain moments such as the Pre Wedding photos session.

The resort in this area is the Holiday Inn and the Harris Resort which is the Resort that apply the concept of standardized hotels. For visitors who do not bring supplies from home, do not worry. In the area of Marina Beach is also offers a variety of special foods such as snacks, traditional food, and seafood that becomes the signature dish in this area. The prices available is varied range, from the affordable price until the expensive one.

Those who want to enter the beach is have to pay the entrance fee that affordable price, for about Rp. 6000 per person. While, when you bring your own vehicle there will be retribution charge for Rp. 1000 for a motorcycle and Rp. 5000 for a car.

How to get there :
Marina beach is can be easily reached by land vehicles either lease, private or public transportation such as taxis. From Batam Center, you can go directly to the Marina Beach with a travel time of about 30 minutes during the trip.

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