Ulee Lheue Beach in Meuraksa Sub-District, Aceh Province - Indonesia

Visiting Banda Aceh City becomes a new experience for everyone, especially travelers. It is because tourists have an opportunity to visit beautiful places like Ulee Lheue Beach. As the name suggests, the beautiful beach is located in Ulee Lheue Village and it belongs to Meuraksa Sub-District. The location is near to Banda Aceh City, so it is quite reachable using any type of vehicles. The beach is famous among the locals due to its beauty and good facilities, actually. No wonder, many people would enjoy some fun activities like a family vacation, sightseeing, beach walking, conducting BBQ, and much more.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the beach offers a peaceful atmosphere with majestic hilly scenery in the horizon. Such views would definitely hypnotize all tourists who come to the site, for sure. The color of the sea water is blue and it reflects on the sky beautifully! Not to mention the nuance becomes more comfortable and stunning in the afternoon due to the presence of the sunset. Lots of people are also seen as well, especially on the weekends. Actually, most of them are local families who want to bond with their family members.

Exploring Ulee Lheue Beach
The fact is that Ulee Lheue Beach is not connected directly to the ocean (unlike other beaches in Aceh). That means the waves are relatively calm and the beach is safe for swimming and snorkeling. Another reason is the presence of a formation of rocks that reside in the sea and it helps to prevent big waves from getting near to the shoreline. With these facts, tourists are likely to enjoy quality time for swimming in the sea and feel its warm water.

The next famous activity to do in Ulee Lheue Beach is enjoying the sunset. In this case, you should come in the afternoon or earlier. There is a reason why you should come early, which is to get a better spot and a plastic chair to enjoy the sunset. Apart from the sunset, other beautiful attractions are also available including the majestic black sand (which is believed to have the power to eradicate diseases). On top of that, the wind feels so refreshing there! As for the tip, do not forget to carry drinks and snacks when visiting the beach.

Another fun activity to do in Ulee Lheue Beach is definitely duck boat riding. It is alright to spend some money to rent the boat and explore the beach along with families or friends. Overall, it gives you an unforgettable experience during holidays. The best part is that the beach features many facilities including toilets, small restaurants, etc. Thus, make sure to try local sea food and grilled corn as well.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Banda Aceh City, a trip to Meuraksa Sub-District takes only about several minutes as the distance is 3 km. Travelers can either ride a private vehicle or rented one in order to reach the beach, actually. Some local transportation services are also available, do not worry.

Where to Stay

  • Safira Hotel
  • Lestari Hotel
  • Cempaka Hotel
  • Pidie Hotel

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