Ujung Batee Puteh Beach in Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh Province - Indonesia

It is true Aceh Province is famous for its religious tour. However, tourists can also enjoy numerous natural attractions including the beaches. One of them is located in Aceh Besar Regency, called Ujung Batee Puteh Beach. The location is quite strategic as it resides near to Banda Aceh City, so it takes no time to get there. The best feature of the beach is definitely its peaceful nuance and amazing scenery of the sea and Malaka Strait. In terms of the name, the beach means “the tip of the stone” and it derives from the local language.

The Nuance
There is an explanation why the locals named the beach that way. According to the locals, any people who come to the beach are able to see Weh Island on the horizon, which appears like the tip of a stone. Unlike other beaches in Aceh, Ujung Batee Puteh does not feature white sand. Instead, it comes with exotic black sand and some rocks scattered on the shoreline. A big coral reef is also seen on the beach, covered by bushes. It is, without a doubt, becomes a great object for photography among tourists. Another wonderful feature is the formation of pine trees, growing along the beach!

Exploring Ujung Batee Puteh Beach
So, why do tourists love the beach? The first reason is definitely its serenity, which makes it suitable for relaxation. Visitors can simply get around the beach and enjoy the breezy wind and hear the splash of the waves. The atmosphere feels even nicer either in the morning or afternoon! For those who get away from busy daily routines, the beach offers the peace they are looking for. Make sure to come alone, though.

Apart from enjoying the nuance of the beach, tourists should try local seafood which is both delicious and healthy. For example, there is the local crab, which is the signature dish of that area. This is why, at some time, local fishermen are seen on the beach preparing to go to the sea to catch such commodity. The next famous seafood is called Windu Shrimp! Make sure not to miss it when visiting Ujung Batee Puteh Beach. As for the tip, carrying more money is recommended.

Next, tourists can enjoy beach walking.  The soft-textured black sand feels so comfortable on the feet, so you can even go barefoot when enjoying the activity. Do you want more? For the best views, it is recommended to reach the top of nearby coral reef/hill. It is tiring, but the reward is satisfying! Moreover, an ancient tomb called Teungku di Ujong resides there. Make sure not to spoil the environment when exploring the site, though.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The best thing is that the beach is located near to Banda Aceh, which is only 31 km apart. That means the trip only takes about an hour and you can take Banda Aceh/Lintas Timur Sumatra Street.

Where to Stay

  • Siwah Hotel
  • Hermes Palace Hotel
  • Mekkah Hotel
  • Kumala Hotel

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